Friday, July 2, 2010

Oil Lake Deep in Ocean Purportedly Covers Up to 40% of Gulf

Matthew Simmons claims the following:
1. There is "no casing" left on the well. Consequently, relief well will not work.

2. At least 120,000 barrels a day are being released and will continue to be released until the well is some how sealed

3. The Jefferson research vessel has found deep in the water a kind of lake of thick oil that is potentially covering 40% of the Gulf of Mexico

One can only hope this is not all true....

Here is a link on BP's outrageous efforts to "hide" oil by dumping clean sand to cover oil soaked beaches

Christian Science Monitor:
"After Gulf swimmers report illness, questions about opening a beach
Hundreds of beachgoers told health officials they felt unwell after swimming last week at oil spill-affected Pensacola Beach, Fla. Scientists cite many unknowns about the safety of swimming and working around the spill..."

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