Sunday, July 25, 2010

BP Oil: Is There a 2nd Major Leak?

Matt Simmons has been saying for months that there is a second leak, coming not from the riser but from a large fracture in the ocean floor.

There is some evidence to support his claim about a second leak.

First, the Joint Analytics Group studying the BP disaster has found a very, very large 2nd methane leak southwest of the riser leak (the riser leak is what was capped).

View the report and go to the last pages where the "seeps" are graphed on maps of the ocean floor. The second violet-purple dot represents a second significant concentration of methane. There is likely to be oil where there is methane...

Second, a link to a real-time map of marine traffic graphs boats organized into 2 separate pods. One pod is southwest of the other. I have been monitoring this marine traffic for 3 days. This patter of 2 pods only broke up when the ships headed in because of the tropical storm. They are now back in the 2 pod formation at 3:20 pacific coast time Sunday.

The government has already been caught red-handed lying about this disaster as local television stations have documented using independent testing how unsafe purportedly safe beaches are (see my posts) and also as an EPA employee and whistle blower interviewed at Democracy Now testified about the dangers of corexit.

I do not believe this disaster is in any way yet contained. I am incredibly troubled by the lack of transparency and outright deception going on...

See Washington's Blog for an excellent discussion of Matt Simmons' claims
The post is titled: "Matthew Simmons: Lightning Rod for Gulf Oil Controversy

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