Friday, January 8, 2010

Great Links Giving Insights Into Contemporary Predicaments

I'm a great fan of the series, The Century of the Self, which is available online.

The producer created another series I just found that was originally aired on BBC titled, The Power of Nightmares

This is a must see series that explores how "nightmares" have been used to mobilize the population.

I've also been reading alot about peak oil, resource depletion, and population pressures. I've read many times that the recession was ultimately precipitated by high oil prices, although the causes are very complex and involve the financialization of the economy (which itself is linked to energy prices).

A good powerpoint on the problem of resource depletion and population pressure can be found here
Meadow, Dennis

It is becoming clear to me that our unsustainable way of life and the global system predicated upon it is falling a part.

Unfortunately, our politicians lack the political will and power to help societies transition toward sustainable new ways of living.

The reading I've been doing is very sobering.

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