Thursday, December 31, 2009

Health Care Bill Just Another Give Away?

Randall Wray suggests it is, as cited on Washington's Blog

"Here’s the opportunity, Wall Street’s newest and bestest gamble: there is a huge untapped market of some 50 million people who are not paying insurance premiums—and the number grows every year because employers drop coverage and people can’t afford premiums. Solution? Health insurance “reform” that requires everyone to turn over their pay to Wall Street. Can’t afford the premiums? That is OK—Uncle Sam will kick in a few hundred billion to help out the insurers. Of course, do not expect more health care or better health outcomes because that has nothing to do with “reform” ... Wall Street’s insurers... see a missed opportunity. They’ll collect the extra premiums and deny the claims. This is just another bailout of the financial system, because the tens of trillions of dollars already committed are not nearly enough." (Wray, cited on Washington's Blog)

I have been very concerned about how authentic health care reform has been dropped. The big insurance giants have much to gain with mandated care and no public option.

I fail to understand why some people would prefer that a corporation make health care decisions over a government.

I work in government and know how the social-welfare-education government system works. Government is often slow and could be more efficient at times but it does not deny coverage on the basis of profit margins. Social-welfare types of government bureaucracies operate by rules.

In contrast, my experience with health care corporations is that cost is the deciding factor, always. Coverage will be denied, even when pre-authorized, in order to postpone payment. How many times have I had to call to get the insurers to pay as contracted?

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