Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Defense Budget Horror

Today Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Bill Act of 2010.

I went through "Subtitle A-Authorization of Appropriations" of the bill and added up all of the procurements.

I came up with the figure of $99,738,563,000. This figure includes aircraft, missiles, weapons, and amunition. It also inlcudes "other procurements."

I am fairly certain "other procurement" does not include salaries. And nowhere are logistics and support covered.

Also missing is data about spending on the veterans whose health, bodies, and sanity have been compromised by military imperialism.

That means that approximately 100 billion is being spent on military equipment. This is an obscene figure, particularly when hunger and homelessnes in America are growing daily.

The US military empire has brought death and destruction to Iraq and has won the US enemies around the world.

Diplomacy and foreign aid would further our interests; military force simply produces hatred and resistance.

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