Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health Care Spending

yesterday I visited my primary care provider because my hand ached terribly. He is a nice guy. He is against expansion of federal health care spending. He believes it will raise taxes.

People like him don't seem to realize that national health care costs are rising and will continue to rise as our unhealthy population ages.

Only the largest employers will be help subsidize health care costs for their employees because small and medium size businesses will simply be unable to afford skyrocketing costs.

Individuals will not be able to buy health insurance on the open market and still pay their mortgages as monthly premiums are now exceeding many monthly mortgage payments.

My employer sponsored health care for a family plan now costs 1,440 a month. It is a EPO. I'm fortunate in that my employer helps pay for this cost. Since I have asthma, migraines, and skin cancer, I would be unable to pay for health insurance if I had to purchase it as an individual.

So, the point is that health care costs are becoming too expensive for the vast majority of employers and individuals.

Something must be done.

Health care reform is not simply about government assuming all costs without changing the current system's operations.

We all know that each doctor's office must employ at least one individual to process health care plans. The amount of people involved in the administration of health insurance plans is costly and does not add value to health care.

Additionally, "cover your ass medicine" and pay for procedure protocols raise health care costs but do not add value.

Health care reform has to happen or only elites will have access.

That scenario will put my doc out of business and most of his colleagues as well.

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