Sunday, April 28, 2019

Whistle-Blowers at Risk

After the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, the Japanese government passed a new "states secret" law instituting a punitive regime for whistle-blowers:
Majia's Blog: Snowden Alleges Japan's State Secrets Law Was ... 
Majia's Blog: Japan's Open Society in Crisis

Japan classified over 380,000 documents as state secrets:

Snowden claimed that the US was behind Japan's law.

Snowden and Assange and other whistle-blowers at at risk, despite their critical role as last defenses against hidden abuses of power.

Democrats may be surprised to learn that their party is equally guilty of suppressing and harassing whistle-blowers:

This weekend's The New York Times includes an editorial from Dr. Wasserman dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. supporting whistle-blower protections, an argument I strongly endorse:
Wasserman, Edward (2019, April ). Julian Assange and the Woeful State of Whistle-Blowers (2019, April ). The New York Times. 
As the media’s indispensable helpmates, don’t they deserve constitutional protection too?

Democracy hinges on public participation in establishing rule of law, transparency and accountability.

Without whistle-blowers there is no transparency regarding the worst abuses and, therefore, no accountability.

We need to demand protections for whistle-blowers globally.


  1. Pompeo BOLTON PRince Bannon

    Pompeo Maximus says the USA is exceptional and the govt can lie to its people and the world as much as it wants

    It was all contrived and planned like this from the beginning. Like the Gore Vidal movie Bob Roberts. Look at operation gladio in europe
    by the CIA.

    The Japanese had an unimaginable nuclear disaster . An ongoing disater threatens to take down the american and world economies.

    How have the Ukrainians responding to a nuclear conflagration that sent so many into diaspora? Thwy allowed crooks and tyrants to raid their treasury in their weakness, massive illlness and with everone packing up and leaving.
    They allowed the slimy USA to create a revolution there, where nazis took power.
    They still have 15 of the oldest, most rickety, most-dangerous nuclear reactors in the world running full bore in Ukraine, with little no safety regulation or oversight.
    The ukraine has 10s of thousands of un guarded shoddily-casked highlevel nuclear waste, stranded at sights throughout the country. Waste that is so damgerous, that if you came 40 feet of a hundred pounds of it, it would kill you.

    The USA is an authotarian Nuclear Bully T
    The USA is a massive imperial nuclear and military dominated state with a huge semihiddem National Security apparatus and Nuclear secrets and escurity act of its own, that nuked its popoulation with a thounsand openair nuke bombs from 1947 to 1963. They had to have a whitle-blower persecution and elimination apparatus in place to pull of all of the nuclear testing they have done on citizens and the rest of the world.
    They have used secret national security laws to allow the FBI to harrass and jail nuclear and peace activists for 70 years!
    The usa spends 100 billion a year on gestaop-like intelligence agencies for gods sake! the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, DEA , DHS and 14 other alphabeth soup agencies. They have no supervision or answerability since th patriot act. Most of them lost track of their madate years ago if they ever believed in it, and are all part of the massive american national security state which is largely in place to to impose the dictums of the oligarchs, foreign oligarchs, the military industrial complex and corporations over the rights of the ordinary citizen. DAPL a prime example
    The secrecy act, given to abe to use in japan, is from the blueprint of national securty fascism that has been prosecuted in murica for 65 years. Not that most of the hollowskulled, brainwashed creatures that call them selves Muricans really care, in the murican matrix.
    Many believe that the rosenburgs were innocent dupes executed to grandstand the need for more the extreme authoritarian laws prosecuted on americans in the 50s and since then. It is unlikely any whistlblower protections will be enacted in light of the fact that the USA has not seriously taken the CIA or FBI or NSA to task since the church hearings in the 70s and all that was washed away by the Bush Fascists after the 911 they created.


    OpEdNews Op Eds 4/26/2019 at 14:29:49
    Clash of Civilizations 2.0 Sponsored by Prince and Bannon
    By Wayne Madsen
    (Page 1 of 2 pages) (# of views) 2 comments

    Blackwater mercenary company founder Erik Prince and the self-appointed leader of Fascist International, Steve Bannon, have joined forces and dusted off the old discredited neo-conservative theory of “Clash of Civilizations,” to threaten global stability with religious and ethnic nationalism.

    One of the more important revelations in former Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the 2016 election is the close working relationship Bannon established with Prince. Sensing fertile political ground for their far-right beliefs, Bannon and Prince have established, under the aegis of their professed Catholicism, a movement that threatens both the current pope and the European Union.

  2. The Clash of Civilizations was the main tenet of Harvard University’s Samuel P. Huntington. Huntington also defended the pro-fascist Mexican Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) of Mexico and the military dictatorship of Brazil. Huntington was also a champion of South Africa’s apartheid state and advocated its “reform” rather than its abolishment. Huntington’s approaches to Latin American immigration into the United States serves a basis for the draconian anti-immigration policies of Donald Trump and his “immigration czar,” Stephen Miller. Huntington saw Europe and Western Europe, including Croatia and Slovenia, along with Australia and New Zealand as a “core civilization” against the rest of the world. Huntington made it a point to exclude from the core civilization the Christian Orthodox nations of the Balkans, including Greece, as well as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia.

    To advance political domination by far-right political parties and politicians, Bannon has been busy establishing a training academy for far-right wing Christian zealots at the Trisulti Charterhouse in Collepardo in central Italy. Bannon has admitted that he is following George Soros’s global playbook. Instead of a neo-liberal global network, like that of Soros, Bannon is creating a far-right political movement in Europe that will extend its tentacles around the world, primarily in Huntington’s “core civilization” countries plus Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. With his political group, called “The Movement” in operation in Brussels and targeting upcoming European Parliament elections, Bannon has taken advantage of a schism within the Roman Catholic Church to convincing those opposed to Pope Francis I to permit him to set up shop in the 13th century monastery in Collepardo.

    Bannon is clearly setting the stage for a revised “clash of civilizations” between Judeo-Christianity and the rest of the world. Fascism is seen as the preferred political system for the Western “core.”

    1. Bannon’s colleague in the 2016 Trump campaign, Michael Ledeen, the notorious neo-conservative, wrote a book in 1972 that promotes the fascist political philosophy. Titled “Universal Fascism: The Theory and Practice of the Fascist International, 19281936,” Ledeen describes in glowing terms Mussolini’s efforts to create an international Fascist movement in the late 1920s and early 1930s. According to an interview Ledeen gave to the neo-con “National Review” in 2002, the Ledeen Doctrine boils down to the following credo: “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” Mussolini’s template has largely been adopted by Bannon, who, still has, along with arch neo-con national security adviser John Bolton, still have Trump’s ear on foreign policy.

      Bannon is attempting to purge the nexus of his Judeo-Christian core civilization of perceived enemies, who include Vatican loyalists of Pope Francis. Bannon in cooperation with the extremely conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke and former Pope Benedict XVI has been waging a political jihad against Pope Francis. Bannon believes the current pontiff to be a dangerous liberal and a “Cultural Marxist,” who supported many of President Barack Obama’s policies. Bannon and a right-wing Catholic group close to Burke, the Institute of Human Dignity, or Dignitatis Humana Institute, which runs Bannon’s new headquarters at the Trisulti Abbey, opposes Francis’s goal of avoiding a “clash of civilizations” between Christianity and Islam.

      Bannon, in cooperation with Cardinal Raymond Burke and former Pope Benedict XVI, has been waging a war against Pope Francis I. Bannon sees Francis as a dangerous liberal and a “Cultural Marxist,” who supported President Barack Obama’s policies. Bannon and a right-wing Catholic group close to Burke, the Institute of Human Dignity, or “Dignitatis Humana Institute,’ which owns Bannon’s new headquarters at the Trisulti Abbey, opposes Francis’s goal of avoiding a “clash of civilizations,” particularly one between Christianity and Islam.

      Bannon’s financial firm, Bannon & Company, is investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, believed by many financial experts to be a giant scam. Cryptocurrencies are favored by neo-Nazis and fascists to fund their activities without the worry of financial surveillance from bank regulators and financial intelligence agencies. Bannon, as a former Goldman Sachs executive, understands how to avoid financial network roadblocks.

      One of the mandatory studies at Bannon’s academy for neo-Nazis will most certainly be on the works and thoughts of Julius Evola (1898-1974), a far-right Italian philosopher, who provided the inspiration for several fascist terrorist attacks in Italy during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, including the deadly Bologna central rail station bombing in 1980. Bannon is a promoter of Evola’s doctrine, which is known as Traditionalism. The followers of Evola are called the “Children of the Sun” and they include adherents of two leading neo-Nazi parties in Europe: Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary. Other Traditionalist philosophers, all of whom dabbled in Indo-European Aryan occultism and, to varying degrees, embraced fascism in the interwar years, include Romanian Mircea Eliade (1907-1986), French/Egyptian Rene’ Gue’non (1886-1951), and Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) Ananda Coomaraswamy (1887-1947).

    2. US neo-Nazi leader and “alt-right” term creator, Richard Spencer, a college friend of Trump’s anti-immigration czar, Stephen Miller, is also a follower of Evola. Evola’s writings were an inspiration to Benito Mussolini Fascist movement and Heinrich Himmler’s Schutzstaffel (SS). Evola even visited SS headquarters in Germany to proselytize his philosophy of fascism to the SS rank and file.

      Bannon’s and Prince’s intertwined political finances were exposed during the 2016 presidential campaign. Prince donated some $150,000 to the pro-Trump PAC “Make America Number 1 in 2016.” In turn, the PAC funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Cambridge Analytica and Glittering Steel, a video production company. Bannon co-founded both companies. Bannon was also buoyed by generous funding from hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. Currently, with a seemingly endless supply of funds, Bannon is waging a far-right insurgency in Europe involving neo-Nazi, fascist, and right-wing Catholic organizations close to Opus Dei.

      Erik Prince abandoned the conservative Calvinism of his auto parts-manufacturing wealthy father to embrace Catholicism, Opus Dei, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta based in Rome and a rival-laden headache for Pope Francis and the Legionnaires of Christ. Opus Dei was founded by Spanish priest Josemaría Escriva’ in 1928 as a pro-fascist and pro-Francisco Franco answer to the more liberal-minded Jesuits. It is noteworthy that Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pontiff, is currently experiencing a virtual civil war within the catholic Church and Vatican hierarchy, spurred on by the likes of Bannon, Prince, former Pope Benedict, and other right-wing members of the College of Cardinals.

      Bannon, Prince, and other far-rightists are now attempting to impose on their followers and fellow-travelers the same sort of “groupthink” Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels applied to Germany. In his seminal work, Yale University professor Irving Janis summed up “groupthink,” particularly how groups can, conversely to bringing out the best in people, also bring out the worst. Janis’s 1982 book, “Groupthink,” describes the phenomenon by quoting 19thcentury German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “Madness is the exception in individuals but the rule in groups.” Europe’s current fascination and widespread support for political parties that were largely banned and shunned after the Nazi defeat in 1945 have created an environment where Bannon, Prince, and their collaborators find ready audiences for their extremism. In such climates, a strategy of tension permits a clash of civilizations, which is nirvana for the neo-cons and extreme right.

      The recent deadly Christchurch mosque attacks appear to have been the first act in a strategy of tensions conflict being waged by the far-right. The Easter Sunday bombings of churches in Negombo, Batticaloa, and Colombo, Sri Lanka, as well as three five-star hotels in Colombo killing well over 300 people, were reportedly claimed by a hitherto unknown group called the National Thowheed Jamath or National Monotheism Organization. Sri Lanka’s government alleged the attacks were in retaliation for the Christchurch mosque bombings. Some things are known about the group claiming it carried out the attacks in Sri Lanka. It is not connected operationally to either the Islamic State or Al Qaeda, although the Islamic State made unverifiable claims of responsibility. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that New Zealand’s intelligence has no indication that the Sri Lanka attacks were in retaliation for the Sri Lanka attacks. It should be noted that New Zealand, as a member of the FIVE EYES signals intelligence alliance, has access to countless communications intercepts.

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      1560 words left
      Reblogged from Oped News
      Permission Wayne Madsen

    3. ABES Japan is Dying.
      How much time iis lefet in a country that has a nuclear catastrophe a hundred times worse than chernobyl where the overall deathrate is 10-20 times higher now than it was prefukushima? Maybe another 10 or 15 years before the mega-radioactive burden is spread so much that you actually see people dying in mass or when another reactor blows or fuel pool blows and thousands start dying at once?


      The Japanese nuclear Village in Japan, now wants to open all the old rickety reactors in Japan up. They want to  extend all Reactors by 60 years. Fukushima be damned. The world be damned. 

      The Japanese nuclear village are going ahead gung-ho, to have the olympics, in the most radioactive place on earth.

      Trump is down with it.  He is down with doing the same for the older rickety, fukushima style reactors in the United States. Extending them 60 years.

      Trump is now not-funding the Hanford cleanup.

      Trump is down with allowing the Japanese to export radioactive food all over the world!
      Trump is down with abrogating all medium range nuclear weapon treatys and any treaties aimed at curtailiing or ending nuclear weapons. Trump is down with nukes in space. Trump is down with small-tactical first-strike nuclear weapons.
      The world is in the most dangerous place it has ever been!

    4. Acccording to Harvey wasserman, we are in for a repeat of Shrub W Bush . That is, where Rove saw Bush couldnt get reelected, so they wagged the dog with the iraq war. The democrat warmoning duopoly,  acceded to the debauchey, the war crimes and genocides.

      We were plunged into an illegal first-strike neo-con war with Iraq that has not ended. 1 million iraqi men, women and childre were murdered and radioactively poisoned to death with Uranium Munitions!
      It continues in afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and iraq to this day.

      Shrub bush was in big trouble with enron from day one. A lot of republicans and especially Rove, thought he could not get reelected, so the neocons started their shennanigans well before the iraq war.
      I think Shrub w bush, neocons, bolton, cheney  created 911 with the saudis, they created  and ran through the patriot act . The Patriot act was the first leg, of the corporate coups march towards ultimate fascism in murica.

      I dont think the russians were active in social media and voting machine hacking to disrupt the election.  Not the way clintonites say trump and the Russians did it. 

      Dont really matter cause the dnc, clinton, pelosi dont want to impeach trump anyway.
      Besides the republicans have gerrymandering, massive voter suppression and jim crow laws to to that dirty work for them.

      There is no doubt that the bankrupsy king who drove 5 casinos into banlrupsy, has been heavily involved with money laundering with putin, the russian oligarchs and russian mafia for years.
      There is no doubt that notorious neocon Michael Flynn was involved in a crooked deal with the russians to supply the saudi arabians with 18 nuclear reactors which will lead to the material and technology to make bombs.

      The question is , whether  a world that is already in such a dangerous place with fukushima, the dangerously declining us nuclear empire, can handle another 6 years of trump and its neocon insanity

      But then there's the Kill Factor: WAR. When presidential adviser Karl Rove realized in 2003 that George W. Bush was about to lose re-election, he did the obvious thing: he went full military. The attack on Iraq was never about 9/11 or terrorism ... it was always about making the very unpopular W. a war president.

      It worked. John Kerry and the mainstream Democrats rolled over. To this day, they've said nothing about the theft of Ohio 2004. And some still defend their support of a worthless, useless, trumped-up slaughter that killed millions and cost trillions.

      Never doubt that Trump is about to do the same. Be it Venezuela or Iran, Korea or Grand Fenwick, rest assured GOP operatives are hard at work mapping the target, scope, and timing for the coming conflagration."

      There is little or no rebellion in the face of this gut wrenching , dead-body-rich, decline .

      Everyone knows and sees the blood sucking. They have a blood sucker on their neck all day, as they cruise the internet, text and talk on their smart phone.

      The abominable blood-sucking these days is leading  to unprecedented ecoside, mass enforced poverty and unaffordable housing , unseen homelessness, increased death rates, increased infant mortality, decreased life expectancy, increased mass incarcertaion, decreased access to any health care, more bully cops ta shoot ya, shitty air, tainted pig meat thatll kill ya now, thanks to Trumpian deregulation, radioactive water from nuclear reactors and fracking, more filthy air, pesticides in food water, increased early dementa, massive cancer increases, massive increases in chronic disease, early death with no known cause except all the goddanmed cesium137-arsenic and uranium in his body, heavymetal in food, higher taxes, higher rent while wages are stagnant, masses of H1B Visas for foreign scabs with 3rd rate educations who screw, massively-debt ridden college grads here out of jobs  .

    5. It is a vampire war of the top 10 or 20 percent against us. It is the few, rich strong vampire bankers, the political and celebrity class, the military class, the oligarchs. The gulper, exploiter, manipulators, corrupt criminals and thieves-sucking the world dry and the american public is too stupid and selfcentered to do anything about it.

      The scumbags figured out after the 60s, that by continually bombarding the goobers with a combination of mass government and corporate controlled coordinated-propaganda, that instills a  fake celebrity universe  and  a mass consumption culture in all of us, no one would do anything when the corporate fascist state consolidates and plunges the world in apocolypse. That is what the evangelical christians, right wing nut jobs like the Mercers and art robinson want anyway.  Remember nuclear waste is hormetic and should be put in th water supply and nuclear war is survivable

      Techniques of indoctrination perfected through 50 years of careful targeting, analysis, share markets, outtight brainwashing and lies in murica, on madison avenue. Funded apportioned and prosecuted via  ivy league elites , in washington dc and oligarch think tanks throughout the country.

      Idiological control of questionable ethical standing.
      The promotion of ilusional lifestyles,  strongly infused with a mass underlying theme of superficial self-absorption.

      They have now completed the conquering of the murican goobs. It is done with a combination of 4g smart phone devices, internet, mass surveillance,  social media and a culture of mass narcissism.

      They now have armys of  narcissistic robots, incapable of resisting-being devoured by them, the vampire squid.

      Incapable of being moved to act against their  their fake projected gulper fantasies , lies, propaganda and delusions. Mass consumption and destruction that is doing the vampires in too.

      They knew there would be little push back, if they got the social engineering right . They knew the corporate duolpoly would thrive . They knew any delusions of democracy would remain just that, as  delusions, as they finish everything off and, clean everything off the bones .

      I look at the yellow vest movement as it is stalling in france and my heart sinks.

      I was heartened by all those people willing to get arrested in the extinction rebellion. It was like american activists were willing to do in the 60s 70s and 80s.

      Maybe there is some corporate contrivance to aspects of the extinction rebellion. It shows me that some of the vampire squid are getting scared though.
      I love Ted Rall and he is right on here about the vampire-squid political duopoly class

    6. there are acts of the universe. like earthquakes. like meteors. like volcanoes. the human monkey has not only done everything possible to insure its annihilation and probably the annihilation of all life, by flooding thw biosphere with radionuclides. the human race and life does not have to go down that way. the evil monkey-bastards constantly bombard the blog comments with straw dogs, of the big earthquaqe or kill meteror to justify the ongoing madness. fact is psyops spent 2 years pumping trump and pumping extraction. pumping unsustainable industrail growth nonsense . pumping nuclear armament. they ran everyone off.
      they had the gall to say its all justified, trump n maga, and nuclear, and nuclear armament-cause a meteorite is gonna hit in 8 years anyway. straw dogs to brainwash people, and allow them to rationalize living in this insane and dangerous time without concern or action.

  3. Demon Core: The Unused Third Atomic Bomb of WW2

  4. EarthQuake Prediction 101 Fukushima 720HD

  5. Egypt's Impact Catastrophe Found (!?) & Old Kingdom's End

  6. One final area of concern: The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified

    how little we know despite our well polished hubris or perhaps well cultured pride

    1. "I am an amphibian american. "
      Quit sayin things that make ya feel weak.

      Pathetic weasel

      If you support nuclear power you are going with the power and masculinity. Otherwise you are just a weak woman

      "What just happened to me"

      cleanup your room


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