Thursday, April 11, 2019

Melting Glaciers and the True Cost of Nuclearity

Energy researcher David Elliott deconstructs an energy report produced by the OECD's Nuclear Energy Agency, which alleges that nuclear is more desirable than variable renewable energy (VRE). Elliott demonstrates the flaws in the report quite effectively, as you can read here: here

The calculations that allow conclusions such as those forwarded in the report are constrained in their inclusiveness.

Calculations for the costs of nuclear operations - both civilian and military - produced by pro-nuclear actors never include human and environmental impacts.

For example, it turns out that fallout produced by our nuclear weapons and nuclear reactor meltdowns is embedded and concentrated in glaciers, which are now melting:
Patrick Galey (2019, April 10). Siren sounds on nuclear fallout embedded in melting glaciers. PhysOrg News. Available:
How will the release of concentrated radionuclides impact environments and living organisms? Ongoing research by scientists such as Timothy Mousseau is not optimistic (here).

Several years ago while investigating research from the 1950s and 1960s on nuclear fallout I discovered that methane was made radioactive by tritium produced through nuclear explosions:
Heavyweight Methane Formed in Bomb Tests SCIENCE NEWS LETTER for January 13, 1962

METHANE containing the triple weight hydrogen known as tritium is formed in the fireball resulting from hydrogen bomb explosions, a United States scientist reports. Dr. Richard Wolfgang of the University of California, San Diego, states the amount of tritium in methane (marsh gas) has been found to be considerably higher than expected. The tritium, he believes, comes from "the testing of nuclear devices."
Tritium is also emitted continuously by nuclear power plants, as I've covered extensively at this blog concerning Capt. Clyde Stagner's investigations (see my TRIBUTE).

What roles did nuclear testing and radioactive contamination more generally play in destabilizing the climatic system humanity has thrived under (with some notable exceptions) for the last 10,000 or so years?

I'm not denying "climate change." 

What I'm saying is that "climate change" has become a trope that is being used to explain every anomaly in a fashion that deflects attention from understanding the specific forces that have most significantly and adversely impacted the global eco-systems upon which we depend for life itself. 

We see this logic of denial in the OECD's nuclear energy report where nuclear is heralded as the salvation to climate change.



  1. Corruption Of The US Temperature Record

    I have personally verified some of this. However, if you have invested heavily in global warming this video will be hard to take though it is all data.

  2. Julian Assange? Will the Liberals or Progressives celebrate or protest? I have no idea at this point. I do know that Obama, Bush and Hillary Clinton were outraged by Wiki Leaks. But the law and order Republicans like Gingrich and Sessions hate him also.

    1. Tulsi Gabbard: The arrest of #JulianAssange is meant to send a message to all Americans and journalists: be quiet, behave, toe the line. Or you will pay the price.

  3. Until some time in the 20th century scientists were very careful to convey the truth. Science was almost a religion; and it was not bound to money and power for corporations and governments.

    Especially since WWII science has become increasingly unreliable. Personally I do not trust scientists until I have seen what they are doing, their studies, etc,

    For example, I stopped listening to Dr Caldicott when I found her exaggerating, in my opinion, certain things. I sensed she was no longer being a careful scientist but more a politician. I also detected things about Busby that bothered me. I would rather know nothing than think that I knew something when I did not.

    The sheer complexity of the world makes it rather easy for a scientist to manipulate matters and especially easy if he or she is part of a group. Psychiatric drugs are a wonderful example of power, money, and an easy way with truth. And they have ruined lives and led to suicides and murder.

    Of course climate change is the all time champion of false science. So many claims have been made that did not come to pass.


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