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TRUE HEROES: The Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima


Yastel Yamada: The Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima

29 second Preview/Promo Part ONE
29 second
Preview/Promo Part TWO

[Excerpted from page linked above) They are willing to work on fuel removal in the most dangerous areas of Fukushima Daiichi to protect younger workers from high radiation doses. They said they are elders, were no longer having children and might die of natural causes before some of the long latency cancers would make them seriously ill.

Now 700 plus members strong, they are retired workers from Fukushima, and engineers and technicians from other branches of industry. They made this extraordinary offer only four weeks after the Fukushima disaster. However 14 months later TEPCO has not yet given them permission to work.

The Skilled Veterans are alerting the international community to the serious problems with the cleanup at Fukushima Daiichi. 11,400 fuel rods are stuck in damaged buildings, and in Unit 4 100 feet up in the air. If they were to lose cooling during the 20 year plus removal to safe storage a fire could spread 85 times the amount of Cs137 of the Chernobyl accident around the globe.

NEW on August 19, 2012. Arne Gunderson from Fairewinds published a video about the looming danger from the fuel pool at Unit 4 and shows how the fuel bundles could catch fire:

Yastel Yamada is co-founder and Director of their organization, the Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima. Through August 2012 he is on a speaking tour in the US. 

The SVCF has two primary goals. One is to inform the US public about the very serious problems of the cleanup at the plant, and secondly to appeal to the US government to put pressure on the Japanese government to convince TEPCO to allow the Skilled Veterans to work.

Recorded July 30, 2012, Ukiah, CA

For a broadcast quality mp3 version of Part ONE click HERE
For a broadcast quality mp3 version of Part TWO click HERE

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