Monday, August 6, 2012

Got your dead man's suit on and your lucky graveyard boots?

I noticed in Arnie Gundersen's video with Helen Caldicott (linked above) that no data about the status of unit 3 have been released;

Gundersen says unit 3 is the worst, and carefully avoids talking about it, despite Helen's prodding.

He quickly transitions away from unit 3 with the startling observation that each of Fukushima's reactors contained a ton of plutonium dispersed in the fuel because fissioning produces neutrons, which are absorbed by U-238 in the fuel, and transformed into plutonium.

How much plutonium was in reactor 3?

The range for Mox assemblies believed to have been inside reactor 3 range from 164 assemblies to 32 mox assemblies. At the low end estimate of 32 mox assemblies, we still get a scary total of 5.5 tons of fuel containing more than 300 kg of plutonium.
Now we can add in the 1 ton of plutonium from unit 1 and 1 ton from unit 2.

Of course, we do not know where that plutonium is. Hopefully most of it is still intact in the fuel.

Still, the state of reactor 3 suggests that the plutonium from that fuel was dispersed far and wide.
I cannot help but thinking of Bruce Springstein's song: Further Down the Road:

Got your dead man's suit on and your lucky graveyard boots?


  1. Majia,what you discovered is not new. .

    Arnie was subtly, but continually downplaying the significance of Unit 3 from nearly the beginning. He kept saying the explosion came from the spent fuel pool, when that was impossible.

    At first I thought it was ignorant - but how could a person who worked so many years be so ignorant. . Slowly I came to the realization he was actually a part of the nuke industry propaganda machine.

    I believe they hired him sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2011. His messages are very carefully crafted to deflect us away from what is important and deflect us toward what is not.

    He never talks about MOX. He says all of the reactors had plutonium - yes they do - however an atom of plutonium that is a result of a uranium decay in the middle of a matrix of uranium is not the same as a nanometer ground powdered plutonium dioxide mixed together with Uranium. One of them could launch in nanometer powder form - the other must be physically separated from the uranium matrix, or vaporized.

    When I started expressing these thoughts about Arnie on Enews - they were initially met with outrage against me. "How could you speak against the best anti-nuke spokesperson out there?"

    Of course I fought vigorously to defend the truth about Unit 3 - many times with Kevin - who apparently reads your blog too.

    I knew Arnie was on their payroll, when some of the known shills at Enews shifted from jumping on everything he said to recommending everything he said.

    I think Arnie has mixed feelings about his role - and perhaps has specified some limits as to how far he will go - but in the end all misinformation is just that, regardless of whether you feel bad about it or not.

    Somewhere along the way, I began to have a feeling that ENENEWS itself had been compromised. I could be wrong, but I believe ownership there has changed hands, and the purpose of the site now is to corral all the "fuku doomsdayers" into one location and keep an eye on them (spy on them), and as an early warning to changes in sentiment. - plus of course continually strengthen the bond with Arnie so that he can eventually pied piper them into oblivion.

    That's why I left when the admin started changing my posts.

    We are walking in a hall of mirrors Majia, nothing is as it appears.


  2. Thank you very much for your comments James.

    I thought of you when I listened to that interview.

    Kevin, I believe, was in agreement with you on this.

    You are right. It is a hall of mirrors, with lots of monsters lurking...

  3. Arnie basically signed on to Tepco's "cold shutdown" lie. The PTB want us to think that the catastrophe is contained, when it isn't, and is in fact getting worse.

    Enenews is Arnie's mouthpiece. I am outta there too, banned.

  4. Those of us who have been looking into what might be called criminal corporate and government behavior are well aware of the silver and lead that they can offer to those who try to tell the truth or do what is right. It is not too hard for someone to sell out based on the idea that working within the system is the only hope. The trouble is that someone like Arnie can't change things nearly as much as the system can change him.

    For what it's worth, I, too, have felt that ENE changed at some point, and looks like it is now under the control of what could be called "the authorities".

    1. "silver and lead" - is an interesting way to put it.

      Until this point in my life, I didn't believe that in the United States of America that such coercion existed other than in the mafia or the drug world.

      Suffice it to say it's been a difficult revelation for me that leaders in our country would resort to this for more money or more power.

      I must have ignorantly believed the cartoon line: "Liberty and Justice for All"....

      Yes, perhaps they somehow offered Arnie that choice and he decided that he might still be able to make a difference choosing the silver road.

      As you state, though, as soon as you take that road, they own your ideas, and you can't really ever come home again. You're probably better off grabbing their silver and fading into oblivion.


  5. James,

    What are Goldman-Sachs, BP, Tepco, or the USDOJ other than a kind of mafia gang with a lot more power, and a bigger budget for the dirty stuff, media control, and the best lawyers? The last US President mocked the basis for the Iraq War, and that may have killed a million, and ruined the lives of millions more. Blair was basically the same.

    Leaning on ENE or Arnie wouldn't be hard at all. And you are right about not coming home again, as those who pay you keep the receipts, and those receipts would be devastating if released.

  6. Gulf war is a good example, and perhaps the backdrop for what we have going on now.

    Afgan war was drawn up waiting for an excuse so Enron and Halliburton and Conoco could get their oil pipeline construction back under control from the Taliban. 9-11 was the convenient trigger for that relatively easy task - which commenced in October 2001, just as Enron, whose executives were instrumental in the plan and huge W. Supporters, collapsed.

    The military was already installed in the middle east, and as militarys always do at the end of a war, started looking around the area for other jobs to "clean up".

    George W. was swimming in a popularity spike, despite the Enron fiasco, so it was a relatively easy job to dupe him into thinking it was necessary to go in and finish off Saddam, whom his father had failed to oust a decade earlier. Again, WMD was a convenient excuse.

    And they really didn't think that many people would be killed. I don't remember the exact number but relatively few US soldiers were killed in the initial invasion of Afghanistan, and undoubtedly Bush thought the Iraq invasion would be similar - and he also stupidly thought the people of Iraq would embrace him for ousting the terrible Saddam.

    And, again, the invasion itself caused relatively few US casualties - but the ruthless march to Baghdad and subsequent hunting down of the "deck of cards" leaders took an awful toll on the Iraqi people - who weren't as happy with the invasion as the invaders thought they would be.

    And then came the insurgents - who were funded and organized by outsiders - Russia, Syria, Iran and other Arabs, who all thought the US had severely overstepped it's bounds, which it had.

    Remember Russia spent 10 years mired in Afghanistan in the 80s - ironically because they wanted to build the pipeline, - while the CIA paid Bin-Laden and others to constantly harass them. Guess who started harassing the US in Iraq and Afghanistan? The US military, which was supremely capable in a war, was supremely incapable as an occupying force, and things went downhill from there.

    So it wasn't about killing people, it was about Oil and power and money - and a stupid president who didn't realize that he was being manipulated - or didn't care.



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