Friday, August 10, 2012

New Virus, Probably Crafted by Stuxnet Creators (US and Israel)

Virus Seeking Bank Data Is Tied to Attack on Iran By Nicole Perlroth

[Excerpted] A security firm said Thursday that it had discovered what it believed was the fourth state-sponsored computer virus to surface in the Middle East in the last three years, apparently aimed at computers in Lebanon.

The firm, Kaspersky Lab, said that the virus appeared to have been written by the same programmers who created Flame, data-mining computer virus that was found to be spying on computers in Iran in May, and that it might be linked to Stuxnet, the virus that disrupted uranium enrichment work in Iran in 2010.

The latest virus, nicknamed Gauss after a name found in its code, has been detected on 2,500 computers, most in Lebanon, the firm said. Its purpose appeared to be to acquire logins for e-mail and instant messaging accounts, social networks and, notably, accounts at certain banks — a function more typically found in malicious programs used by profit-seeking cybercriminals....

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