Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fukushima Radiation Emissions and Disturbances August 29 2012

Series of Disturbing Images from Fukushima Dated 8/29/2012

These links were posted by individuals at Enenews including Wotcha, Wideawake, and ChasAha

These surreal screenshots from last 30 mins from tbs/jnn cam (approx 18.30jst) …hoping its just a cam freak..

Just paused and captured.. after blue screen shot I missed what was showing until at 21.30 then caught this shot ..taken just before what we are seeing now.

Seeing Rainbow Cloud Emissions (?) at the base of R3.
at :07 seconds in and a big one at :57 seconds in.
fuku1long (2x)

Yep, lots of flashing at base of R3 – looking very 'feisty'.:
2012.08.29 20:00-21:00

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