Friday, November 5, 2010

ChemTrails in Phoenix

Driving home from my morning hike I saw something amazing. Planes criss-crossing the sky were leaving wide trails that spread out, but did not dissipate. I stopped my car and got out and looked at the sky. There were countless lines headed by airplanes. Two hours later the same lines are apparent in the sky, although they have widened and flattened.

I mentioned it to my husband. He is a former army officer and not one inclined toward conspiracy thinking. He said he had seen a plane with oddly shaped wings also leaving a pronounced trail in the sky when driving this morning

I googled the date, city, and chemtrails just to see what I would find and discovered that someone in my area had videod the planes making the trails in the sky

What is going on? Is this weather engineering? What are the dangers? Why is this subject discussed only on fringe websites?

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  1. These are called chemtrails... which are CHEMICAL TRAILS. many and most stupid people out there who do not know what is going on, just think they are CONTRAILS. contrails, like a speedboad, follow the plane right after, but chemtrails... well... i live in phx too, and these are definitely chemtrails. horrible toxins and chemicals.... on US. why? because its their plan to die down our immune systems.... and by they .. i mean, the CIA, FBI, THE ELITE, Bilderberg, the government, FEMA.... etc etc... bad bad people. and they are getting away with it!!! why? because they know that american is just too stupid to believe they would do such a bad thing. and ALSO... DO NOT EVER GET A FLU SHOT. it is nothing but a BIOWEAPON. PLEASE DONT GET ONE. why do you think they are promoting it like crazy now????? they care about our health??? NO.... its to weaken our immune system... its to CONTROL THE POPULATION.... SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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