Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pew Research Survey on the State of America
from the report:

"Americans have little to cheer about. Nearly everyone (92%) gives the national economy a negative rating. Closer to home, 85% say that jobs are hard to find in their community. A majority (54%) now says that someone in their household has been without a job or looking for work in the past year, compared with 39% in February 2009. And the proportion saying they got a pay raise or a better job in the past year fell from 41% in January 2008 to 24% currently."

The reader may ask why I focus on publishing and linking negative news stories. The answer to this question stems from the anger I feel about the looting of the nation and the populace by the financial institutions. The public appears sedated, unable to demand reform or even pay attention to what is going on. This lethargy and apathy must be transformed or Americans face a dire future. For these reasons my posts tend to be negative in orientation...

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