Sunday, April 19, 2020

Covid-19 and The One Way Forward

Regardless of the origins of Covid-19, there is clearly only one way forward and that way is
One Love:

The story of the chimeric virus accidentally or deliberately released from the Wuhan Virology Lab often doesn't get into addition-of-function viral back histories in US, Australia and Canada labs (e.g., see here).

Concerns have been raised for years about the dangers of this high-tech enterprise (see

Consequently, I argue that the narrative of covid-19 as a genetically engineered chimeric virus is most compellingly a story of collective responsibility and collective fate.


The most important lessons from the story of the Wuhan lab are that technological hubris is our Achilles' heal and that Love and Collaboration for the Welfare of ALL must be prioritized, constituting the only viable path forward.

At this point virus origins are less salient than the question of how to re-build a ruptured global society.


What kind of social organization can emerge quickly enough with the theorized love and force capable of confronting not only existing apparatuses of exploitation, but also looming and potentially cataclysmic health/environmental challenges?

One thing is certain: People - everyday people - not just politicians and "experts" must be involved in the decisions that will shape what emerges out of the present collapse.


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Josh Campbell, Kylie Atwood and Evan Perez, Thu April 16, 2020  US explores possibility that coronavirus started in Chinese lab, not a market CNN. Updated 10:37 AM ET,

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  3. Funny thing this guy would write that. Exactly what Edward Teller thought. We are on a hot rocky road to hell.


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