Saturday, April 11, 2020

Covid-19 Conspiracy Narrative

You decide what is real....


Definitely worth viewing:

Make your own judgment....


  1. It could certainly be bio-engineered, they have already done it for SARS, as early as 2015 and maybe earlier.

    But the conspiracy is not whether natural or engineered, the conspiracy is how the crisis is being put to use.

  2. There are 2 things in this "documentary" that give me goosebumps: 1), the interview Dr. Sean Lin, and 2), the statement of Gordon Wang regarding war between CHina and Us.
    1), because the interview is so highly cut and edited, it almost looked like unreal to me. Is that a deep-fake?? Or is it just my computer?
    2) The notion of these 2 major powers, US and CN, to be at war with each other, is more dangerous than anything else. The West has IMHO underestimated the real power of CN for a long time, and this lies in the possibility to keep focused on certain goals for long periods of time due to the dictatorical regime. One of these focal points was getting strength and power on the international scale, and that necessitates a strong military.
    Whether SARS-CoV2 spilled from a lab or a bat seems to be a sideline compared with the outcome of a direct war between CN and US. Beware the Hawks!

    1. Agreed that the hawks are BANDING DRUMS OF WAR. The coronavirus story of an accidental release of a chimeric virus actually implicates the US and Australia as the source of two important mutations. It is a narrative of collective responsibility.

      However, the video that is linked above marginalizes the back-history of the virus in the US and Australia (although mentioning that Obama ended gain-of-function work because of concerns about coronavirus risks).

      The emphasis on the China part of the story in the video reflects the hawk narrative....

    2. Banging not banding. Maybe they are banding together to bang drums.

  3. The powers that run america, are ignoring the great nuclear power plant, fire and meltdown risks. They have accelerated the risks since fukushima. They have added fuel to the fire of nuclear confrontation, through tactical nukes and first strike paradigms. 

    The countries with major nuclear meltdowns, have only slipped further into risk of nuclear self-destruction and nuclear-world pollution from the economic hardship and political problems caused, by their meltdowns ie Japan and Ukraine. Ukraine has nuclear powerplants, seriously on the verge of going off.
    The same can be said of Russia and America if they have major nuclear accidents or, as they continue to allow risks to grow exponentially in times of dangerous demagougery and authoritarianism.

    There is the looming risk of nuclear war in times of destabilized nuclear armed and nuclear powered countries.

    There are multiple reactors and reactor cores in space now. There is  other non-nuclear garbage in space now, along with  nuclear garbage from plutonium batteries.

      The density of unstable-clumped, space garbage has grown tremendously in the past 40 years. Any large disruption, can spiral a major storm of large to microsized debri into any one or more of the multiple reactor cores in space and send them plummeting to earth. The danger is far more impending, than asteroid risks.

    They will have to put up 40,000 satellites, to make  5g work. Asteroids are not our greatest short term threats from space.
    There is enough nuclear pollution in the biosphere, to have devastating effects on our immune systems and genome, yet no one speaks of it in relation to the covid pandemic.

    A perfect storm of nuclear induced-extinction. What a tragic-painful and sad way, to end human life and most all life, on earth.

  4. Copyright by
    Nicholas Gordon

    Voices of the dead are all around me.
    Everyone alive seems much less real.
    The smoke and screams and bombs and blood surround me,
    Enduring through the love I still can't feel.
    Reality is rarely in the present
    As truth and falsehood are defined by pain.
    Nor can I stand one moment that is pleasant.
    Sanity to me just seems insane.
    Death is more attractive than a wife,
    And loneliness a far less lonely life.
    Yet I must turn and somehow live again.

    Copyright by Nicholas Gord

  5. The video above doesn't play now, but this is probably related:
    The Misinterpretation of Viruses Part 2 –
    The beginning and end of the coronavirus crisis
    By Dr. Stefan Lanka
    Translated from German by James McKumiskey
    YummyDoctor has many interesting videos, here's one:

  6. Please read Virus Mania, Bechamp vs Pasteur (Hume) and Good-Bye Germ Theory to begin your re-education. The immune system was only named so to describe the lymphatic system. Our entire body has a defence system RUN BY MICROBES. Our body has 3 times more microbial cells than our OWN cells. Germs are not the cause, they are the RESULT. page not found now)

    What is happening here is a TAKE OVER for our freedoms! They have PREPARED this grand hoax upon us all. Please understand we are not each others enemy! THEY ARE THE ENEMY! And they have lied for hundreds of years to us! Research the Rockefeller take over of medicine and the Flexner Report. The time to AWAKEN is now. page not found now)

  7. In flu Enza aka "Spanish flu" ~ How 50 million died in 1918 due to vaccines
    I didn't know that until lately.


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