Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Instruments of Financial Sovereignty

Michael Hudson, a progressive economist with a keen sense of history, argues that today the stock market is primarily gamed by hedge-funds. I recommend watching his video here:
Laura Flanders interviews Michael Hudson (2018, April 4). Monopoly Capitalism at the Breaking Point
Is that true?

The growing influence of hedge funds over stock markets was examined approvingly in a 2014 report issued by academics and a Federal Reserve Bank governor that noted approvingly noted their role in promoting “information efficiency of equity prices” except under conditions of financial volatility as examined in relation to the Lehmann collapse of 2007-2008:
Charles Cao, Bing Liang, Andrew W. Lo, Lubomir Petrasek (2014). Hedge Fund Ownership and Stock Market Efficiency. Available

The contribution of hedge funds to price efficiency is greater than the contributions of other types of institutional investors, such as mutual funds or banks. However, stocks held by hedge funds experienced extreme declines in price efficiency during liquidity crises, most notably in the last quarter of 2008, and the declines were most severe in stocks held by hedge funds connected to Lehman Brothers and hedge funds using leverage.
By November of 2015, the hedge fund industry controlled $3.197trillion and institutional (public pension funds) and retail investors (such as Wells Fargo) were piling in, as were wealthy individuals.[i]

By November 2016, the hedge fund industry assets under management reached $3.22 trillion, increasing $70bn year-over-year according to 2017 Preqin Global Hedge Fund Report Sample Pages.[ii]

What is a hedge fund?

According to the online investment encyclopedia, Investopedia, a hedge fund is a pooled fund that aims “to earn active return, or alpha, for their investors.” Hedge funds aren’t accessible to everyone as access is conditional, available only for “accredited investors” because hedge funds are less regulated by the SEC than other funds.[iii]

Hedge funds seek short term gains and are inclined to hold liquid assets and pursue short-selling, options, and derivatives trading.[iv]

Hedge funds are ordinarily structured as limited partnerships with payments of management fees to to managing partners in addition to a percentage of profits.[v]

So, a hedge-fund is an instrument constructed of law by the state that offers capital additional liberties in the pursuit of profit. Hedge funds are only accessible to the very wealthiest individuals, retail investors, and institutional investors who must buy in, paying six-to-seven figures.
[Private equity is another legal instrument created in law that offers capital additional liberties and reduced taxes in the pursuit of profit. Private equity is also an exclusive club structured often as a partnership].

Hedge-funds are instruments that thrive on valitility. They extract value and circulate at speeds limited only by the state of electronics.

Hedge-funds, private equity, and sovereign wealth funds are the new instruments whereby sovereigns control the territory but rather than deploying armies and policing, they deploy electronic value - much of it highly leveraged - to extract value.

They are abstract instruments but their effects in the material world operate to consolidate ownership of value across global society within a ever-narrower slice of the population.


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