Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reactor-Grade Plutonium and Nuclear Weapons: Exploding the Myths

Reactor-Grade Plutonium and Nuclear Weapons: Exploding the Myths by Gregory S. Jones
Published on: Apr 2018
In Reactor-Grade Plutonium and Nuclear Weapons: Exploding the Myths, long-time defense analyst Gregory S. Jones draws from his decades of research using publicly available, unclassified information to debunk the persistent fallacy that reactor-grade plutonium cannot be used to build reliable nuclear weapons. This belief has long been held by a segment of the nuclear power industry determined to use plutonium as reactor fuel despite its highly uneconomical nature. Further, this mistaken belief has made reactor-grade plutonium readily available to many non-nuclear weapon states.
In the book, Jones shows that nuclear weapons can be manufactured using reactor-grade plutonium that have the same predetonation probability, size, and weight as nuclear weapons using weapon-grade plutonium. In addition to technical analysis, the book describes how Sweden and Pakistan planned to use reactor-grade plutonium for their nuclear weapons programs and how India may be planning to do so today. Jones also details how the U.S. successfully tested a nuclear weapon using what was truly reactor-grade plutonium in 1962. All of this leads Jones to argue for banning plutonium recycling and reprocessing globally. 
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Published by:
The Nonproliferation Policy Education Center - 2018
By Gregory S. Jones
with Foreword by Olli Heinonen


  1. The original bomb just, used something like a big 50 caliber depleted uranium bullet, fired it into 2 % enriched uranium. We live in a world of so much bullshit, and lies. All so the psychotic monkeys can play with the magic rocks. So they and the gulpers can feel so powerful and rich ! Make each one of them work at all the refining levels for this radioactive geno poisoning and death! Make them work with onlt the crap protection many nuclear workers get inn the fuel cycles and radioisotope production. At nuclear reactors. Hauling nuclear waste. Burying it. Make them drink water from radioactive aquifers and food from japan till the bitter end!It is all so fake, monsteroue, and evil!

  2. Or in this case, en explosion that pushed two pieces of uranium together. The implosion plutonium bombs, harder to make.


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