Sunday, April 29, 2018

Oil Industry Rules to be Rolled-Back as Regulatory Capture Retrenches

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that federal regulators are going to propose rolling back the "well-control rule" adopted after the BP oil spill:
Mann, Ted & Puko, T. (2018, April 28-29). Rule tied to oil spills is set to be changed. The Wall Street Journal, A5.
This rule was implemented under Obama and addresses a range of practices including use of blowout-preventers and drill pressure.

The article says that among the changes are "elimination of a requirement that the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement vet the third-party vendors who inspect offshore oil equipment for safety."

Having followed the BP oil disaster carefully and covering it in my book on Crisis Communication, Liberal Democracy and Ecological Sustainability, I can tell you that the reason the 3rd party vendors were targeted for vetting was because of the terrible culture of regulatory capture and outright nepotism that existed between regulators and operators prior to the BP oil spill.

Not surprisingly, and as reported by the WSJ, former regulators are reportedly "alarmed" by the pull back, with some alleging that Mr. Angelle, a long-time industry advocate and now director of the Bureau of safety and Environmental Enforcement is "is too focused on advocating for oil production, rather than focusing narrowly on safety regulation."


BP oil spill was dress rehearsal for the Fukushima Disaster


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