Saturday, April 7, 2018

Cuts to Food Stamps Fuel the Resistance

I saw in the news media today that food retailers are worried about the sales impacts of proposed cuts in food stamps, coupled with a proposed program replacing the stamps with a box of dry goods, such as dry beans and canned fruit!

Proposed cuts in food quantity and availability for poor populations represent a major tactical error for the elite neo-conservatives who want to regulate the poor using punishing disciplines.

Revolution begins with people in the street.

People in the street are driven there first and foremost by immediate and pressing concerns and there is no concern more primal than food security.

Food stamps were a way of regulating the poor. Eliminate and/or substantially reduce food stamps and people will be in the streets in a fashion not seen since the 1930s.

And they will have the moral authority of mothers demonstrating for their children:


  1. Richest country in the world! Spends trillions on fuking over the lives of most of the world. Tortures its own to death in police state and starving, shelterless misery. Of course the cambridge analytica bots that took over evenews and so many other so called alternative social media do not give a shit. Like the scummy obibot from silicon valley. The 1% now control more than 50%. Far worse than the great depression. It allows the owners and their 20%minions to drive people to starvation w no shelter, while they poison evrything and steal everything. The trolls on fox, jones enenews love that shit. Hopefully the women will riseup and blow the sik trash out.

  2. U can tell the trumptrolls are afraid of women. It is very apparent. Watch a troll roll on a place like enenews or infowars or some other site run by bots and operative that pose , as so-called legitamit commenters. Thee new fascism has its agenda down. Same themes and memes. Like serial killers propounding the sanctity of life, they will tell u how women are less than human in their veiled propaganda-lingo. They do it all over twitter. All over any comment sites, on any progreesive journalism site. Fakes, bots, paid trolls.

  3. Great interview with Chelsea Manning. From the heart. I would encourage people to help her, as much as possible. I am.

    It is getting bad. Food banks underfunded. If you have ever played the game, monopoly , you know how the ones, with the money can leverage people into bankrupsy and povertu. How the owners leverage people and their children into poverty, no shelter, starvation. That is what is happening now! It is endemic. It is a national disgrace. Single mothers, put in the street with children, with outrageous rent raises, in slums.

    No way to even get, to food banks or soup kitchens. Trump has cut soup kitchens, food pantries, food stamps to the bare bones. Meanwhile, Jared Kushner gets 100 million dollar loans from the saudis for crooked real estate deals.
    2 trillion for military and nuclear boondogles. Millions of troops headed for the mexican border. Probably to help escort drug lords, with fentanyl and meth shipments, over the border. Gotta keep those bankers money laundering businesses going! They have done that for years.

  4. Millions of dollars for troops sorry

  5. Trumps regime is truly evil. It has slashed impoetant food programs, for the many impoverished americans. It hired bolton and prince, two of the worst war criminals in history

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  6. Trumps police state going ahead full speed:
    1.craigslists Platonic section in the USA closed by trump fascists
    2. 400 troops sent to mexico in hellicopters on our dime after comment by ann coulter
    3. Cold blooded police shooting. Police said he lunged. Obviously did not

    4.evictions going through roof . Many police shootings there.

  7. The fake antinuk trolls that took over enenews and support blatant propagandists like alex jones do not care about unecumbered nuclear proliferaion and nuke reactors. The end justifies the means to them because they are idealogues and heartless

  8. ENENEWS Non-Nuclear Issues) -- New as of January 2017
    2:14 PM EDT, Apr 09

    The mental health care profession is loaded to the gills with liberal thinking. ...

    Typical post from a people hating, feminist hating troll on enenews. Has severe personality disorder. No conscience. Really very little fukushima, or antinuclear news there. Hijacked long ago by ringer-trumptrolls. End justifies the means! Sad how enenews was degraded and destroyed.


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