Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Human Engineered Radioactive Beach Sand & Ocean Sediment Contaminate Sea for Decades

Happy Halloween. Here is some scary news for you concerning the legacy of the cult of death that continues to control international conceptions and deployments of security.

A new study described at Phy.Org reports that radioactivity "lingers" in Marshall Island seafloor sediment from 1946-1958 nuclear bomb tests, particularly plutonium:
Radioactivity lingers from 1946-1958 nuclear bomb tests (October 31, 2017 ), https://phys.org/news/2017-10-radioactivity-lingers-nuclear.html

… The levels of plutonium are 100 or more times higher in lagoon waters compared to the surrounding Pacific Ocean and about two times higher for a radioactive form of cesium. Despite these enrichments, they do not exceed U.S. and international water quality standards set to protect human health, the scientists reported Oct. 30, 2017, in the journal Science of the Total Environment.

….Using isotopes of plutonium that act like a fingerprint to pinpoint sources, the WHOI scientists found that the seafloor sediments around Runit Island seem to be contributing about half of the plutonium to the lagoon

… The WHOI research team also compared the radioactive contamination at the Marshall Islands to the contamination found today near Fukushima in Japan in the aftermath of the Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster. "In contrast to Fukushima, where cesium is the most abundant radionuclide of concern, in these atolls, the focus should be on plutonium, given its significantly high levels," said WHOI radiochemist Ken Buesseler.
Whereas plutonium is the greatest stated concern in the Marshall Islands, radiocesium is the greatest stated concern in Fukushima beach sands, which were also recently reported as contaminated:
Scientists find new source of radioactivity from Fukushima disaster (October 2, 2017 ). PhysOrg, https://phys.org/news/2017-10-scientists-source-radioactivity-fukushima-disaster.html#nRlv

Scientists have found a previously unsuspected place where radioactive material from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant disaster has accumulated—in sands and brackish groundwater beneath beaches up to 60 miles away. The sands took up and retained radioactive cesium originating from the disaster in 2011 and have been slowly releasing it back to the ocean.

"No one is either exposed to, or drinks, these waters, and thus public health is not of primary concern here," the scientists said in a study published October 2 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. But "this new and unanticipated pathway for the storage and release of radionuclides to the ocean should be taken into account in the management of coastal areas where nuclear power plants are situated."
I wonder how radioactive beach sands are near the San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear power plants in California?

The solution to this problem for the cult of death is to raise the permissible dose, which has recently occurred in the form of the EPA's new radiological guidance.

The cult of death responsible for this state of affairs should be replaced by a cult of life that acknowledges interdependence and precarity.



  1. Donald trump, is the, in your face leader of the nuclearist death cult.

  2. This photo shows piles, and piles of bagged nuclear contaminated soil, in japan. The paper that published it pulled it.

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  4. Allowing Japan and other countries to have build nuclear wespons creating a Nuclear arms race in asia.

    The scheme Trump and his aids hatched, with russia to build and profit, from more than a dozen russian built nuclear reactors in the powder keg middle east. The scheme was hatched, before he was even elected.


    10.6 billion year to Subsidize old rickety and dangerous nuclear reactors at american taxpayers expense


    Funding for more dangerous nuclear reactors in the United States
    217 million for smrs


    Opening grand canyon and National monuments for uranium fracking



    Protecting niger uranium with amer troops lived
    Recent death of 4 american soldiers in Niger

    10 times increase in number of nuclear weapons in nuclear arsenal,
    When sane rest of the world wants to ban them.


    Attacking renewables.
    Trump has encouraged laws banning solar and wind power even though it is many times cheaper, and more feasible, and yet he wants to subsidize coal and nuclear power to the tune of 10.6 billion dollars in the United States.

    Allowed 100 times increased radiation and radionuclides levels, in our drinking water

    Climate change denial. Not closing down vulnerable coastal nuclear reactors the the us does not need
    There is no climate change according to trump. He is currently firing scientists who bring up climate change, and muzzling the rest.

    Fukushima denial. Trump supportw abe in his bid to move people back to fukushima. Trump supports the 2020 tokyo olympic games in tokyo and fukushima. Trump says nothing about the japanese exporting radioactive food and drink all over the world.

  5. Great list of links to support compelling critique of our out of control predator state and aligning industries

  6. The psychopath state and it's supporters.

  7. > http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/46578-focus-top-six-trump-administration-crimes-that-ought-to-bring-indictments
    > Top Six Trump Administration Crimes That Ought to Bring Indictments
    > By Juan Cole, Informed Comment
    > 30 October 17
    > ne. Jeff Sessions lied under oath,saying he never met with any Russian official during the Trump presidential campaign. He met the Russian ambassador twice. The GOP impeached Bill Clinton for perjury in what was a minor personal matter, but stand by Sessions despite his perjury regarding a matter of national security. Mueller should indict.
    > 2. Scott Pruitt met with the CEO of Dow Chemical last spring. Twenty days later, he decided not to ban Dow’s chlorpyrifos pesticide from being sprayed on food. The problem with chlorpyrifos is that it can have a negative impact on brain development in fetuses and small children. We should look into whether young Trump was exposed to it or something similar in the late 1940s. Evangelicals, the main support base for Trump, are always going on endlessly about abortion being a genocide and are continually interfering with women’s constitutional right to have one. So you would think they’d be up in arms about a pesticide that could harm an embryo, right? Not so as anyone could tell. Pruitt’s own Environmental Protection Agency scientists have confirmed the dangers of chlorpyrifos but he ignored them. This is child endangerment and child abuse on a massive scale. I’d say, even a high crime and beyond a misdemeanor. Jail time would be appropriate.
    > 3. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke swung a $300 mn. contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid to a tiny company on the verge of bankruptcy with two employees, Whitefish, which happens to be based in Zinke’s home town. That is corruption pure and simple. Puerto Rico has annulled the contract, quite rightly. Imagine if Trump had tried to treat Houston that way! Somebody should indict.
    > 4. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also allegedly perjured himself when he denied that the company he headed, OneWest, engaged in robo-signing (backdating mortgage documents and forging them) even though there are substantial indications that the company did so. Mnuchin is the reincarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge. He actually made people homeless for being 27 cents behind on their mortgage. Now he is seeking one of the largest transfers of wealth to the US rich since the days of Andrew Carnegie.
    > 5. When he was Secretary of Health and Human Services and flying around on million dollar flights at taxpayer expense, Tom Price alsospent money earmarked by federal law for encouraging people to sign up for Obamacare on negative ads attempting to discourage them from doing so. Just because Price is out of office doesn’t mean he can’t be indicted. What could be lower than trying to take away people’s health care insurance?
    > 6. Despite promises that he would avoid investments that raised red flags about foreign influence while he was president, Trump is looking at deals in India. If the Indian government of PM Narendra Modi grants these licenses, worth a substantial amount of money, won’t that be an emolument of the sort banned by the constitution?
    > Except for Sessions, this list has nothing to do with Russian influence on the 2016 presidential race, and probably is actually beyond Mueller’s purview. But somebody should lock these creeps up.

  8. There is so much radioactive poison, and are so many radioactive elements and chemicals in the water , air, soil, and food, in most of japan now. There is so much that if you went over there , and stayed, and started a pack a day cigarette habit, you could probably have lung cancer in a few months.

  9. Marco kaltofen found 900bq/kg radioactive cesium in an automobile filter from Yokohama. He also found 1100bq/kg in a filter from Tokyo. Unimaginable radioactive poison doses in Japan.

  10. Yablokov. The russian Scientist that wrote a paper, detailing how a million people have died as a result of Chernobyl.

  11. https://www.alternet.org/environment/scott-pruitt-declares-war-wind-and-solar-energy-while-fossil-fuels-get-billions


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