Sunday, October 22, 2017

Why is Enenews Down?

Some readers here may have frequented the anti-nuclear, aggregator website,

Enenews was a news aggregator site that appeared online during the early days of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. It appears to have been finally taken down from the web this last week.

I found Enenews particularly significant because it hosted the most frequented English-language discussion of Fukushima cam imagery. As of June 2016, Enenews was ranked 153,579 in Japan and 69,699 in the US by Alexa.

Enenews’ first post was dated March 23, 2011.[i] On May 22, 2011, the “general discussion” forum was established, with the second post on this forum alerting readers to a video from the online TEPCO webcam that had been saved and uploaded to YouTube.[ii] Enenews established a dedicated webcam discussion forum June 26, 2011 to facilitate conversation about the cams.[iii]

In a research paper I recently completed I argue pessimistically that webcam watching had no discernable impact on mainstream news or political discussion of conditions at the plant beyond the few references cited above, as of 2016.

Webcam watchers’ sustained failure to problematize cold shutdown outside of online platforms eroded participation in webcam watching and sharing. In 2015, it became impossible to post new comments sequentially on the webcam forum because of technological glitches, effectively ending four years of protracted discussion at Enenews. Webcam watching participation and discussion dropped off significantly as a result, although a few watchers continue to record observations on personal blogs and at a new, less-trafficked platform ( Interest in webcam screenshots rises after periodic reports of earthquakes centered near the plant.

I stopped frequenting Enenews regularly when the webcam discussion forum failed, checking in only periodically to read comments in the discussion forum.  The quality of comments in the various discussion forums had become rather stale, but most recently I observed some very HIGH QUALITY discussion and hypothesizing regarding radiation's biological effects on this discussion forum, which can only be accessed through the Wayback Machine now:
Hidden Fukushima nuclear waste being released into ocean — ‘Surprisingly’ high levels of radiation now detected along Pacific coast and in groundwater far from reactors — Expert: No one expected this — “Alarming example of how radiation has spread”
I cannot but wonder whether this high quality discussion is what led to the abrupt mid-month shut-down of Enenews:

    • CodeShutdown
heres a question; is ONE atom of cesium137 per cell a concern? Can it do anything at all to speak of? Pretty sure it isnt radiating until it decays and then its a quick trip or two to barium stability. One atom.
According to an estimate made by engineers at Washington University, there are around 100,000,000,000,000 or 100 trillion atoms in a human cell. Could ONE atom of cesium do anything to disrupt 100 trillion atoms?

Its a key question, and one must know the answer to successfully argue against Woods Hole's continued statement that Fukushima radiation is of no concern.
Ive been giving answers for a long time! Now I want to hear some answers from other people

      • waitinanquakin
oh well -
…the amount of energy absorbed by a mass of cells is not what determines biological effect. What matters is the spacial concentration of ionizing events in relation to cellular molecular components hit. Internal emitters are densely ionizing.

You know what this also means? The ICRP model is a FAILED model in relation to describing the effects of internally ingested LLR.
The model has been myopically designed not to recognise the effects of low level radiological exposure, and only cancer and directly observable birth defects of living newborns, despite the a plethora of other illnesses may result from organic molecular damage. The evidence of numerous studies bears this out. (Thank you white wolf)

        • CodeShutdown
or-well steps to the plate! Good job too

I ask about one atom for a reason. Is one atom densely ionizing? I mean forget about low and high energy tracks…just the radiation from one atom. I would say no, its not a high density radiation source…its not doing much of anything until it cant take the unstable thoughts and then it goes to barium then stable, 90% of the time. One atom is not a constant source of becquerels.

If my little stab at it was correct, we are at a biologically significant dose of Cs137 with an average of one atom per cell. A near fatal dose is about 130 atoms per cell (whole body average). Compare to K-40; we have about six million radioactive potassium atoms (k-40) per cell! (unless I messed up the numbers!)

This is the foundation that lets Beusseler say there is no harm from the fallout…"our radioactive ocean" is the Woods Hole and NOAA theme to placate the public. The scientific and legal base is the ICRP dose model. You might guess I have some thoughts about this low dose conundrum.


October 5, 2017 at 11:31 pm Log in to Reply

I think its key to realize that just adding free radical de activators is not the be all and end all of why herbs and vit c and stuff can combat cancer from low level radiation. Gerson found that the cell voltage had to be high to combat cancer…but later research found that the intercellular communication that relies on the ion channels, the bioelectric fields has a primary role. Cancer isnt a single cell disease. Low level radiation is not a DNA double strand break problem for the most part. Added free radical load has an effect but what it is EXACTLY? It is the cascade of effects, resulting in a breakdown of intercellular communications which ultimately leads to a metasticized cancer.

The fact that chitin and other endogenous material have this ion exchange property that bioaccumulates radiation of high specific activity seems like a VERY good line of research.

You see, the high specific activity shouldnt come into play if the cesium is evenly distributed at the atomic level (not totally true, but for the point). One atom out of six million. But if the cesium accumulates into hot regions of fungi, or amino acid neurotransmitters, or parasites, then the inter-cellular communication system is disrupted. Kill the parasites, the fungi (not very easy!!), get the heavy metals out, fortify the body with its required nutrition and low level radiation will not have the cancerous effect.

I recommend using the wayback machine to go back and read the commentary on this excellent forum discussion.


[i] Smoke/steam rising from all 4 reactor units — Workers evacuated (VIDEO). (2011, March 23). Enenews. Available from,

[ii] FORUM: Discussion Thread for May 26 - June 1, 2011 (2011, May 26). Enenews. Available from, The specific comment link is

[iii] Fukushima webcam discussion thread June 26, 2011 – December 14, 2011. (2011, June 26). Enenews. Available from,, accessed June 27, 2011.


  1. Thanks, weez. So true. The owner of enenews put a lot of work into it. The comment section turned hyperpartisan, but the admin Topic, news aggregation stories, were always right-on.

  2. Comment at Nukepro
    Hi stock, regarding Enenews being down, the website "fukuleaks" a/k/a "simplyinfo" has a Live + free chat.

    Maybe Enewsers could sign up there to discuss Fukushima?

    Link for chat:

    And you know about also a good place for discussion.

    What say you?

  3. I grabbed much of the "good commentary" and put it into a draft article, not for public consumption, but now I opened it to the public

    stock, I think my points here are good. Chitin, fungus, parasites, rise in cancer since the nuclear age, cell communication, and its disruption through bioelectric ion corruption by bioconcentrated fallout containing parasites. It fits together like a big jigsaw puzzle. It has science behind it. Just think of it this way; they USE these fungi or chitin organisms to sop up radionuclides in the industry because they are so good at it.

    1. Do not forget how Big Bad Stock called the creator and admin of Enenews "A Pedophile." Big Bad stock also bragged, about hiring a Private Detective, "To Stalk admin at Enenenews."

    2. Wow, defamation, fake news. Please provide the backup on that.

      another ene participant told me that he did hire a PI to find information on ownership of ENE.

      But for you to put "To Stalk admin at Enenenews." In parenthesize makes it appear that you are quoting me. Also noted your odd spelling of enenews. Hmmm...

    3. It is alright Stock. Everyone knows you were just kidding around, when you put up those comments at enenews. You were trying to get admins attention, for those trolls, you do not like. Right?

    4. I think he was sayin, he was trying to buy enenews when that stuff was put-up.

  4. Take the time to comment on Open a twitter account. Time is short. There are still coudbursts, that dump rivers of rain, going on in coastal regions in flood-ravaged areas of america.

    No one knows, the true extent, of reactor damage, from the brutal-consecutive storms, this year in the USA.

    A major typhoon is headed to Fukushima's. A reactor is likely to blow-up, in the Ukraine, within the next year.

    It was past-time, to shut down most reactors in the United States, 10 years ago. There is a strong likely-hood a coastal or perhaps, TVA reactor will go next year. There is no time for conspiracy crap, or right-wing hyperpartisanship any more. Our leaders have let-us down too long. One wonders what some peoples motivations are.

  5. A bunch of idiots, had not decided to turn a number of sites into elect republican nuclearists at all cost! Wow really rational and smart. Now, the most nuclearist, morons are running things.

  6. "If a bunch of idiots"(sorry), had not decided to turn a number of sites into elect republican nuclearists at all cost! Wow really rational and smart. Now, the most nuclearist, morons are running things.

  7. No Nukes Nation to Trump :::"Time to resign!"


  8. Two points:

    (1) At its best, Enenews has been an amazing, unique place for intellectual discussion and "crowdsourcing" of information by intelligent commenters.

    Unfortunately, one thing that hurt Enenews was "trolls."

    For example, here is a post from 10/19/17 on "Lunaticoutpost" by someone who admits trolling Enenews:

    Read this:

    (2) Also, at its best, Enenews' commenters have shown to be compassionate people; often coming to the financial aid of other Enenewsers.

    For example, when Lucas Hixson formed the charity "Clean Futures Fund" to help the dogs of Chernobyl, many people donated:

    Presently another Enenewser is in need of help, PC Jensen, who oversees

    Enenews at its best was the best.

    1. I was a sraunch reader of the enenews webcam forum, thought it was one of THE best informed and honest places on the net which I could find! Combined with the Hopi prophecies, not a pretty picture, but the depopulation agenda [book by Jim Marrs too] is multi-prong. Some sense makes Corey Goode perhaps, who sees ''the Orion group'' behind it. So do I, and David Icke I suppose. But the interdimensional game is not over yet...Thanks to all you brave Enenewsers, and for continuing!! Hendrik, portugal

  9. Lucas Hixson and PC Jensen are very fine people. I hope Pc jensen ok. Will send money. Mm, CH, arclight good peeps. Arnie, majia, many more great people, rob, onto
    Unfortunately there have always been extremist political opportunists, conspiracy spooks, and religious nuts at ene, that accused everyone else of being trolls. They used this for manipulation and meanness. They were, and are , some of the worse trolls themselves.

  10. Joy is also a fine person. I think she still does daily kos. Arclight can be seen at of course, political trolls, like stock hate this site, because they refuse to do climate denial

  11. Many great exenenewsers on twitter now. Dr. Caldicott there. Arc. CH, MM, c Mac,Arnie, Majia, aharvey Wasserman@solartopia, Herve from Fukushima Watchdogs311 Dun Renard, Dr G

  12. ENENews is back on-line.

  13. Concerning your book on Autism,
    After the 10 years of aerial spraying of the organophophate nerve gas poison, Malathion, over 450 miles of Southern Cal, as well as No. Ca, hundreds of cases of autism and other neurological diseases unknown to the medical industry showed up with no help from doctors. Having been severily affected by these spraying myself and born with a form of autism, I was able to be successful working for 8 years with these children I love. They can be helped but they are triggered daily in schools that spray the grounds weekly with these same pesticides which brings these children home in a neurological frensie.
    I do hope you will talk about these pesticides in your new book. They all affect the nervous and immune system regards of what the chemical companies tell us but... You can't argue with experience. Good Luck and Blessings,

    1. Thank you Lakshmi

      I will definitely discuss pesticides!

  14. Because it was comandeered by rightwing assholes protrump that the admin tried to ban.whenthey went after admin he got tried of the shit and gave up enenews . It was right there in plane sight on enenews. Google admin banned ______at enenews. Lookup admin at enenews is aped. Which is one of the things one of the gutter reptiles who commandeered the site said about admin

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. No one commandeered enenews...

    It was invaded by a group of posters that made spreading false stories the norm in the forums.

    They were warned repeatedly not to post proven fake news but did not listen...

    They bashed anyone that showed their posts were fake news and were responsible for running off the legitimate contributors.

    So ene was a free anonymous forum for posting facts related to nuclear and energy.

    But abusers came into the forums and posted total lies and slanderous comments from subjects so outlandish it ruined the credibility of the site. They were warned repeatedly but continued posting fake and slanderous messages and bashing anyone that proved them wrong.

    Once that became a real liability to the site owners and it was determined that these posters would continue to post foolish and dangerous comments that could endanger others the owners distanced themselves and changed the reg information to DOMAINSECRECY in a attempt to protect themselves from that madness.

    No verification and crazies camped out there posting fake information caused the site to be reviewed and it was suspended.

    One can only hope the delay in reactivation is to redesign the site to not allow these few smear and fear mongering posters to continue posting messages on that forum.

    Ene needs real posters that post real relevant information and a system in place to keep the fake news spreaders out of the postings there.

    1. Agreed that Ene was subject to damaging trolling that eroded the community organizing and activism that occurred in the first few years of the fukushima disaster.

    2. Well i for one have to disagree on this claim, September 2017 i noted the weird changes that went on, The point where everyone had to log in anew and redo their avatar, etc. led me to believe the site was given over to a government program to handle. The postings from this time forward were few and far between. Not one word was uttered about the changes. At this time i was sure the site was compromised, that is why i decided to break out HTTRACK and gather what i could of the work we all did there.

      If what you claim was true, why was there ZERO moderation? Why was there not one response to requests to do this moderation from users like me? Any one witnessing the ManBearPig episode would want to do something about it, and when this scourge went full metal retard and we had a pool of these persona running amok, Not one attempt was ever made to stem this troll tide, I don't even know how many times i reported, But i do know not one was acted on in the entire time i spent on the site. Zero. If you care about your forum you don't let the scum dance around like that do you? No you don't. I posted a comment around mid September "Well i guess the site is dead" and sure enough after a time we see this ICANN take down, How many sites bought it since January 1st? I can think of at least 20 of the sites i kept tabs on... ENE is one of them.
      I think the real owner of the forum used the ICANN system to end the site whilst it was being run by some NSA cell. I don't doubt for one moment they were under a ton of pressure to act as they did and the whole saga of this troll army fits into this assessment very well. If you don't ask why the troll set was allowed to run the forum into the dirt without lifting a finger to reatrain the damage they were doing you will never see the truth in the loss of the best Fukushima info portal ever. Thinking that the government was not 100% involved in the trolling is not seeing the forest for the trees... From the early times of my reading the site to the last day(I was reading the site when it went offline) i saw a very stealthy and very well organized action to end ENEnews because it was having a very good effect getting the real word out about the real and present danger and the complete coverup going on.

      This work was obviously carried out by paid trolls and no amount of BS will hide the intent they had in doing all the things they did.

    3. Looks like the site is coming back, Funny how it did so after the post above eh? Oh well, i still think it's run by the NSA. Perhaps more so now.

  17. There is a mirror archive, Anyone wanting to do research on the stories posted at ENE can ask to get a link to this 4.8 Gb zip.

    Email evilslain at, Stock has this link too.

    Not all the commentary is there, but all the main articles are, From start to finish as of Oct 2017.

  18. I recommend that people follow up with the offer to download the ENE stories. They offer a "people's" history of the fukushima disaster that will be far different from the one recorded in the textbooks

  19. For those who are willing to learn...

    It only takes 4.8 Gb to download.

    Get whilst the getting is good.



  20. I want to agree with the claims made here that despite trolling, Enenews brought together and self-educated a community mostly organized by concern for the environment and human health, which unified people who otherwise had some rather disparate beliefs.

    The trolling and surveillance cannot be denied, but they were reactive. Operating alone, trolling and surveillance cannot stop a movement that ultimately is rooted in personal and community experiences of health and well-being.

    Hopefully other sites can replace Enenews until they too gets taken down by neglect and trolling.

    In my opinion, the biggest challenge is to channel online activism into legislative and policy initiatives that protect human and environmental health by shutting down dangerous reactors, safely storing waste and by engineering less hazardous energy infrastructures.

  21. enenews is up. And here is the first article on March 12, 2011:

    Explosion heard at Japan nuclear plant — “High possibility of meltdown” for reactor No. 1: Government
    “FLASH: Explosion heard at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi plant around 0630 GMT – media” — Reuters, March 12, 2011 at 12:00 am EST

  22. all of the sudden ? : February 6th, 2018 at 7:23 a
    Report: Massive radiation leak at Fukushima plant — Extremely high levels being detected outside reactor — Officials can’t explain why — Expert warns of global threat:


    “It’s a disaster of unsee

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  25. Happy thanksgiving!

    Will see what I can do to get her running again-

    Expressing my Digital Compassion!
    Love you all!
    Take care!!!

  26. I used to hang out on ene too. I will miss it. I was on there during the WIPP accident


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