Monday, September 18, 2017

Police State Entrenches

St Louis police don't seem able to distinguish between lawful and peaceful demonstration on the one hand and criminal behavior on the other as they reportedly mow down peaceful citizens and fire projectiles into retreating crowds:

St Louis protests: Police caught on camera firing projectiles into crowd of protestors. (2017, September 18). Yahoo,

This is what happens when the police are militarized and encouraged to view demonstrators - even peaceful demonstrators - as low level terrorists:

ACLU. “ACLU Challenges Defense Department Personnel Policy To Regard Lawful Protests As ‘Low-Level Terrorism.’”ACLU. 10 June 2009. 24 June 2009
Violence by police against peaceful demonstrators is going to cause more violence. Violence will encourage police to roll out their special weapons - such as sound-frequency weapons - that will damage people and cause even further public outrage.

Is the end game a war between police and the public? That is not a game anyone wins. Demonstrators must insist on peaceful demonstrations, while the escalation of violence by police must stop.

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