Sunday, September 3, 2017

Good News, Bad News and No News on Harvey's Chemical and Nuclear Hazards

The good news is that water levels are going down on the Colorado river near the South Texas nuclear power plant according to US Geological Survey data and it appears that a meltdown has been averted despite the risky-decision to continue operating the plants through the storm and highest run-off.

The bad news is that there is evidence that the plant did indeed flood. Simply Information has a very compelling analysis I strongly recommend reading:

The "no news" situation is that finding updates about site conditions at the South Texas NPP and the Arkema is challenging, to say the least.

Few updates available on the Arkema plant, which is especially concerning given fires are expected to continue:

In the only news that I can find, the AP is reporting that there are no active fires at the moment at the Arkema plant:
AP (September 3, 2017 2:44 pm). New floods possible in west Houston amid Harvey recovery.

In Crosby, outside of Houston, authorities continued to monitor the Arkema plant where three trailers of highly unstable compounds ignited in recent days, sending up thick black smoke and tall flames. A Harris County fire marshal spokeswoman said there were no active fires at the facility, but six more trailers were being watched.

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