Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fukushima Daiichi Steamy After Latest Earthquake

Here are screenshots from the last few days ranging from Sep 20 to Sep 27:

On Sep 20 there was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan at 2:37. If you look at the screenshots at the link above you will see increased steam production, as compared to other days during the period sampled.

The increased emissions waned and yesterday the plant looked less steamy. During the day yesterday I saw quite a few workers on the roof of the newly constructed part of unit 4. A crane dropped something large and round on the roof and the workers helped unload it from the crane. Unfortunately, the people are mere white specks visible primarily because of their fast movements walking across the roof. The radiation levels must not have been too high because they were up there for at least an hour.

Unfortunately, there was another earthquake yesterday Sep 26 at 5:22 (pm)

Conditions look very steam on the TEPCO cams this morning: