Wednesday, June 7, 2017

No Dump Alliance Announces (with Joy) International Nuclear Waste Dump Plan Dead

No Dump Alliance relieved as Jay announces international nuclear waste dump plan ‘dead’.

The No Dump Alliance today welcomed Premier Jay Weatherill’s statement that an international nuclear waste dump will not be pursued by his Government. Premier Weatherill outlined that there is “no foreseeable opportunity for this" and confirmed he would not pursue any nuclear waste plans if his party was re-elected.
Despite the loss of bi-partisan support for the international waste dump plan late last year the Labor Government promised to continue a conversation about a nuclear waste dump.

“Today’s news has come as a relief and is very much welcomed by the Alliance. We are glad that Jay has opened his ears and listened to the community of South Australia who has worked hard to be heard on this matter. We know nuclear is not the answer for our lands and people – we have always said NO." said Yankunytjatjara Native Title Aboriginal Corporation Chair and No Dump Alliance spokesperson Karina Lester ahead of her trip to New York for UN nuclear weapon ban treaty negotiations.

Narungga man and human rights activist Tauto Sansbury was happy to receive the news today, “We absolutely welcome Jay Weatherill’s courageous decision for looking after South Australia. It’s a great outcome for all involved.”

“This is great news for South Australia. Even leaving aside the environmental issues, the dump had nothing going for it economically”, said Professor Richard Blandy.  This analysis was confirmed by the study undertaken for the Joint Committee of the South Australian Parliament by the US based Nuclear Economics Consulting Group.

“The MUA are pleased that the Premier has listened to the majority of South Australian’s and ruled out international nuclear dumps in South Australia. This is a positive development for Aboriginal communities, workers and the environment” said Jamie Newlyn, Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia SA Branch and a strong critic of the global plan.

The No Dump Alliance was formed in May 2016 with members from Aboriginal groups, trade union, medical, faith, environment and civil society groups.

The Alliance believe the international waste dump plan failed South Australians on four grounds: the grounds of lack of respect for the rights of Traditional Owners who had repeatedly said No to nuclear developments on their country, the compromised and untested economic modelling, public health and safety and environmental threat and for the intergenerational imposition to future generations of managing a toxic and dangerous waste that lasts many thousands of years.

Read a copy of the Loud and Clear report - a briefing on community opposition to international nuclear waste dump plans released in December 2016.

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