Friday, June 2, 2017

Welcome to the Panopticon

Global terrorism and "fake news" are legitimizing the installation of a "panopticon" society. Japan, in particular, is aggressively embracing a panopticon logic, as I've described previously in my post on its new anti-conspiracy law (here).

Snowden recently described Japan's latest reforms as ushering in a new era of mass surveillance:
Japan close to ushering in new wave of mass surveillance, Snowden warns. Japan Times, June 1, 2017,

MOSCOW – Edward Snowden, who exposed the existence of highly invasive U.S. surveillance programs in 2013, warned this week that Japan might be moving closer to achieving sweeping surveillance of ordinary citizens with a bill that gives the police highly invasive surveillance powers in the name of counterterrorism.

“This is the beginning of a new wave of mass surveillance in Japan,” the 33-year-old American said in an exclusive interview from his exile in Russia, referring to Japan’s conspiracy bill, which has stirred controversy at home and abroad as having the potential to undermine civil liberties.

The consequences could be even graver when combined with XKEYSCORE, a wide-reaching U.S. data collection tool that was exposed by the former National Security Agency contractor. Snowden also gave credence to the authenticity of new NSA papers exposed by The Intercept website earlier this year that showed the secretive spy agency has already shared the surveillance tool with Japan.

Learn more about the XKEYSCORE, the data collection tool mentioned above here:
Japan Provided with XKEYSCORE. The Intercept April 24, 2017, 
Ryan Gallagher. Japan Made Secret Deals with the NSA that Expanded Global Surveillance. The Intercept, April 24 2017,
The state strives to build the ultimate panopticon. Are you being watched? There is no longer any doubt about that....


  1. Marco Kaltofen


    New Yokohama house dust sample: 4.6 Bq/kg radio-cesium vs. 173 for same family's car air filter. I wish they had a #bGeigie from @safecast.

    8:29 AM - 31 May 2017

    173 bq/kg of radioactivecesium can be cause serious heart dysfunction and cancer. It is extremely genotoxic. There was only 88 bq/kg north of pripyat after chernobyl. Yokohama is south of Tokyo. It is pretty far south of Fukushima. Japan is in deep trouble.

    1. Thank you for posting this information. Can you please provide a link where we can read more.

  2. It is from samples sent to Kaltofen from Yokohama. 40% of horse foals near Fukushima died at 200 bq/kg cesium 137. Suggest you read Dr Millers studies of belarussians exposed to to 40 to 80 bq/kg for periods of two years, with heart problems,heart defects in adults and children. Read Bandashevsy.

    1. Thanks for the information. I've read Bandashevsky before. He found that 50bq/kg cesium137 was enough to cause holes in children's hearts...

  3. Republicans, in Connecticut, write a law, that would declare Nuclear Energy, as Green energy. They claim it is necessary to save nuclear energy.

  4. Americans are like stupid little windup toys, that say and do the same stupid things again, and again.


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