Friday, November 13, 2015


The US Neocons have fricking lost their minds and seem hell bent on starting World War III. For background on the insane neocons see my book Governmentality, Biopower, and Everyday Life (here).

The US neocons think they can take over the entire Middle East despite decades of failed policies in the region:
Stephen F. Cohen. Washington Appears to Reject the Opportunity to End the New Cold War With Russia. The Nation. November 11, 2015,

The US is rejecting Putin’s proposal to cooperate against the terrorist Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, while escalating NATO’s “exercises” against Russia in Eastern Europe. Nation contributing editor Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor continue their weekly discussion of the new US-Russian Cold War.
Cohen points out that instead of cooperating with Moscow’s air war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Obama Administration is threatening to send US planes and possibly troops to counter the Russian military operation there, while also stepping up NATO ground, air and sea exercises in areas on Russia’s own borders. The dangers inherent in such “exercises” were documented in a November 10 New York Times article recounting how such NATO maneuvers in 1983, in similarly fraught political circumstances, led the Soviet Russian leadership to fear an impending US nuclear attack and to put its own nuclear forces on high alert, replicating the high noon moment of the Cuban Missile Crisis twenty years before.
US is definitely rolling out war paraphernalia:
Tom Vanden Brook. U.S. Deploys Fighter Jets to Escort Bombers, Deter Russians. USA Today November 11, 2015, B1.
The Pentagon has deployed fighter-jets to Turkey to protect slow-flying US attack planes hitting Islamic State targets in Syria and to deter Russian aggression in the region, a Defense official said Tuesday...

Russia, who has clearly outmaneuvered the rabid neocons, is signalling its readiness to respond:
The Saker, "Did Russia Just Gently Threaten USA?" Zero Hedge November 12, 2015,
Interesting stuff today.  A major Russian TV channel just aired a report about Putin meeting with his top military commanders.  I don’t have the time to translate what Putin said word for word, but basically he said that the USA had refused every single Russian offer to negotiate about the US anti-missile system in Europe and that while the US had initially promised that the real target of this system was Iran, now that the Iranian nuclear issue had been solved, the US was still deploying the system.  Putin added that the US was clearly attempting to change the world’s military balance.  And then the Russian footage showed this....

It is time for the non-psychopathic elements of humanity to take back the reins of civilization before we are all dead.


  1. I agree. Unfortunately the sane people of the world still treat the elites the way people in the Middle Ages did the Nobility, granting them some elusive element of superiority.
    And yet many of them are not particularly intelligent or moral or even well informed. They simply have power and/or wealth. Chauffeured in expensive cars, wearing luxurious clothing and jewelry, dwelling in fabulous homes, etc. and written up in British tabloids, the masses conclude that these people must be gods. They would be closer to the truth if they regarded them as devils which would more accurately characterize their life styles! and mentalities.
    Psychologically the American Elite are very disturbed, and as you say, psychopathic. Hopefully Putin can out maneuver NATO to the point where it gives up and goes home. Obviously the current program is destroying Europe. It is medically a nightmare in Germany. No one in their right mind would be a tourist in Europe at this time. A smarter plan would have been to pay the poorer EU nations to house these people. Greece for example could use the money and the jobs as could Spain. And then they could sent then back to their nations after these wars subside which they will when the US and Israel decide the price is too high to continue. Trump might actually do something practical like this, but as far as I can see no one else would be so bold as to act wisely!

    1. Humans mystify hierarchy for some unknown reason.


  2. The will to wage war in the americn populace is waning.

  3. majia has your coents section been hijacked? i noticed loose nuke can post and my pists get erased.

    1. I don't know. I hope not. What is the best strategy for fixing? Email Google and say commentators are having trouble posting? Is there a pattern I can report. Perhaps certain words are censored?


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