Wednesday, November 25, 2015

More Updates on Road to WW III

Sensationalized a bit, but good review of facts, such as pro-Turkey and anti-Assad rebels killed the pilots who bailed out of Russia's plane:

This incident has the potential to escalate quickly.

Meanwhile, there is NO news updates about the Zaporozhskaya NPP and South Ukrainian nuclear power plants that lost power when towers were destroyed in Ukraine’s Kherson region.

Here are two stories from November 22, 2015:
Ukraine nuclear power plants 'dangerously' without power as towers ...

Undermining transmission has reduced nuclear capacity in Ukraine

LACK OF NEWS UPDATES on such a critical issue as a nuclear power plant cut-off from electricity raises RED FLAGS. What is going on at those nuclear power plants?

Harvey Wasserman discusses risks here:

One of the power plants at risk is the Zaporozhskaya NPP. This is the plant that experienced an emergency shutdown and radiation leak in December of 2014:

Emergency shutdown at Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant

That event was well managed in the mainstream news. There were no follow up reports after the initial stories cited above.

Here are my posts from that period:

Majia's Blog: Ongoing Problems with Ukraine's Zaporozhiya ...

I very much hope that the problems at the plant in 2014 are not being repeated or amplified.

I'm very much afraid that no notice would be provided in the event of significant radiation releases, especially given current tensions.


  1. "All of these events have led to the need for additional emergency shutdown of the electrical network of two units at thermal power plants - the Dnieper and Uglegorskaya and shedding of nuclear power plants in Ukraine at 500 MW. This Zaporozhye NPP Yuzhnoukrainsk. I note that such emergency unloading of nuclear power - it is very dangerous "- he said.

    The US and NATO are attempting to foment a nuclear war. I have been certain of this since Feb 2014, when the US sponsored the coup in Ukraine. Ironically, it was the same time as I was exposed to WIPP radionuclides, which also come from the nuclear weapons program.

    The greatest danger comes from whatever side appears to be losing the showdown. As far as the US goes, I think they actually believe in their hormesis bs theories, and they think we will survive.

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    1. Majia would you please delete the above spam post. The link to this blog shows it is a scam. This crap makes me so mad as a cancer surviver. It is illegal to post fraudulent claims like this and circulate them. opens up can of worms for legal liability. probably a troll.

  3. Abe was not elected. He was put in place by vote rigging. Just like bush was in 2004 and 2000. Remember that 85 percent of the children in belarus now have heart defects from chernobyl. Remember that fukushima was and is many times worse than chernobyl. Know that japan is a quickly dying country as are all its inhabitants and the living creatures there.


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