Friday, January 23, 2015

Chaos Tugs: Where is "The Good MOTHER"?

Do you feel it? Chaos tugs at the loose strings of a civilization woven into chaotic patterns.

The human id and the fascistic superego are responsible for the chaotic design and missed stitches. Now the holes they created threaten the fabric of civilization. 

I can feel it. The collective insanity of the twentieth century is giving way to death throes in the twenty-first century, as measured by Man.

We are lower than other animals on Earth because we have allowed our insanity to bring us to the brink of human nothingness, threatening most of the world's fauna with our collective mania and denial.

Denial, by authorities of the fascist superego, is becoming more and more obvious. The global eco-system is collapsing at an alarming rate. Every day, there is a news report of some major chemical or radiological contamination. Every day, there is a new scientific study evidencing the acceleration of mass animal-extinction-events.

The collapse of the eco-system is coinciding with the gradual realization (by the collective ego) that we face global resource limits, especially fresh water and clean air, but the time is, perhaps, too late.

The civilization we have built is predicated upon endless consumption and waste. We are enslaved by irrational appetites, including maniacal impulses toward wanton destruction (The Will to Power).

Our fascistic impulses (the Fascistic Super Ego) have concentrated power in social institutions - corporate, government, and cultural - that deny the growing evidence of environmental crises and public health catastrophes. 

These fascistic institutions use propaganda to control public opinion and consumerism to pacify impulses, as illustrated by the fetishization of mobile phones.  Fascists deploy the military-police complex when propaganda cracks, beginning first with surveillance and then repressive forces. 

The most tragic realization by the ego is that human revolutions tend to install new faces in existing power structures, rather than transform societies into sustainable systems. The classic book, Animal Farm, demonstrates this point effectively.

The collective ego is awake to our insanity, but incapable of harnessing it.  Resource limits and eco-system collapse are going to fuel the id and the fascists as populist rage and authoritarian forces clash.

Where is our alternate SUPRA EGO, The Good Mother? She is our salvation, but has been enslaved by the worst impulses of the collective id and the fascist Super Ego.


  1. Well said Majia. It's clear that we need a new Mythos, a Mythos based on the Gaia model. A planetary Mother figure for all creatures on earth to rally around. Otherwise we may be doomed.

  2. You write: "Where is "The Good MOTHER"?"

    SP: I just want the Good MOTHERSHIP to take me and my friends away from this dying planet. Earth was a wonderful world before modern chemists and physicists developed poisons alien to this planet. I can't blame it all on one group, but I know 99% of this world's humans do not approve of the way things have gone down.

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