Sunday, January 25, 2015

India to Accelerate Nuclear Insanity While Obama Pushes No Liability for US Suppliers

India plans to spend $182 expanding its nuclear complex and US and Japanese companies (GE and Westinghouse) want in, but they have been reluctant so far because India has a liability regime that does NOT exempt suppliers.

Modi, whom sounds like a neocon, is pushing a limited liability regime around an insurance pool, but the public isn't persuaded:

Obama, Modi Move Closer With Nuclear Liability Breakthrough

[excerpted] We think we came to an understanding of the liability” issue, U.S. Ambassador Richard Verma said. The deal “now opens the door for U.S. and other companies to come forward and help India develop its nuclear, non-carbon-based energy production.”
Insurance Pool

India plans to establish a 7.5 billion ($122 million) insurance pool to shield affected operators and suppliers, according to Amandeep Singh Gill, joint secretary of disarmament in the foreign ministry. The government would provide more at a later date “on a tapering basis,” he added.

It remains unclear what would happen if unlimited claims come in the wake of a disaster, according to Debasish Mishra, Mumbai-based partner at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu... [end]

Among the many things I find disturbing about this news story is the propagandistic coding of nuclear as non-carbon based, given the carbon intensive and polluting nuclear energy cycle.


  1. Well, I personally have just about exhausted my vocabulary and phraseology for characterizing the contemporary world. We know there are many miserable people and many of them are so due to alcohol and drugs. In a way nuclear power for example is the corporate version of a destructive habit. I have been watching a two part series at YouTube called the "Challenge of Rudolf Steiner". Biodynamic farming and Waldorf schools as well as homes for the handicapped and work with convicts. Now these people have found a better way to live as humans and I applaud their efforts. Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village in France is doing something similar. And I am sure there are many other groups. However their total number is still small. So we have a small chance that real life will come again for human beings and the rest of the living environment. These groups are providing the spark. Will the world catch a creative and sane fire? Or go down into utter darkness and destruction? Obviously the world leaders seem totally ignorant of all the possibilities and simply continue with greed, avarice and war. The whole on going structure where an oligarchic elite run things has proven very unwise. As persons rise to the top they seem to lose their morals and ethics and even their intelligence. It is actually worse than descending into poverty though who would chose to do so? I am surprised though that Fukushima has had so little effect. Where and how soon will the next nuclear power break down occur? We know one will and another and another after that.

  2. yes I feel the same - depleted.

    The insanity is without end, intent on utter destruction.


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