Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pink-Purple Spiderwebs at Fukushima Daiichi Today

NO this wasn't caused by a raindrop. Yes, it could be some other camera artifact, but it is really strange.

Here is a pdf of images from 12:00 am June 13 to 6:30 am, including emissions and the spider-web phenomenon: 

Samples of images below (none have been in any way changed other than being cropped and enlarged)


  1. Bobby1's blog's down. I'm down.

    That is curious, whatever that is.
    Nice examples of tritiated fog, it would appear.

    1. Some days your the Louisville Slugger, other days the ball. ;)

  2. Majia,
    Great captures. Hope to see real time video of that one. Did you notice the white cloud that shows above the building by the tower? It is in the frames with the purple glow but gone when the glow is not there. In your pdf the pics labeled ‘What is it? A camera artifact?’ shows it best as it looks like the white cloud on top forms a circle with the purple on the bottom half. The rising sun would be shining into the lens but I wouldn’t just declare it to be sun glare. The orb shape still leads me to radioactive particulate fallout, more like radioactive dust stuck on the lens catching the sun in this instance. I’ve been reading up on plasma discharge trying to find anything similar to the weird glows because the red lightening examples didn’t fit the orb theory. If I find anything I’ll post it to your board. Thanks for entertaining my unpopular theories. Glad you posted your dawn sightings because I only have time for the evening shows.

  3. Majia -- I am a long time lurker at Enenews and I also have a PDF of the webs and other strange things from the webcams at Fukushima. I saw your screen capture of the daytime web and I also have that captured as well as one from May 29, 2014. If you would like my PDF (18 pgs -- huge file) I would love to send it to you for your files and see what you think. I can separate the file into several files to make them smaller and easier to send. I don't have a dropbox or other acct. for uploading files.

  4. That shimmer or "snow" - isn't that from the Gamma-shine, like that "HackOfTheDay" article i posted some time ago of 10Sv "snow"? If that's any gauge, perhaps we are seeing a 3Sv Gamma-shine "snow".

    Any chance that was actually a piece of construction/packaging waste that blew through?
    Unlike a water-drop, the background is visible next to the "object".

  5. Added you to the Fuked site! In the drop down lists ...

    great web cam archives!

  6. I appreciate all your comments. I don't know what it is but I, like Anonymous at 8:51, have another screenshot of a similar phenomenon.

    I've wondered if its deuterium, because it makes a glow like that. On the other hand, perhaps it is a camera artifact.

    I think the more important issue is that emissions at Daiichi have been very thick recently and odd phenomena are being sighted once again on the webcams.

    These events are occurring while small bits of truth are being disseminated by the Japanese media about conditions in unit 2 and the events transpiring immediately after the earthquake.

    They are admitting the melt-through - slowly.


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