Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Heavy Looking Emissions This Morning

Below find the screen shot of the error message I get when I try and log into Enenews

The log in page is "Not Found."

I suspect I'm being deliberately blocked. I suspect this is censorship.

I can play games too.

On another note, please comment here telling the EPA that increasing exposure to radionuclides is genocidal:

Deadline is August 3, 2014.



  1. In regard to your last blog, perhaps, as you suggest, you are being blocked from Enenews (and vice-versa?) because of the emissions. If surveilance is smart, they would try to interfere in bits and pieces, by changing a word here or there, by indirectly turning bloggers against one another, raising self-doubt, increasing the fear factor, sudden cessation of communication, and by using any one of numerable approaches. We are all prone to self-doubt and fear; it is the human condition and MOST effective in matters of control.

  2. Initially (some months ago) I could login but my comments were always held for moderation and then deleted. So I tried to register with a different e-mail address and never received a password. I then left a message regarding that and never got a response, I do not know who these people are. Wikipedia has nothing to say. I would prefer a site that was more open. I suppose the site owners could be genuinely fearful for the their lives or welfare. Today both register and login result in the page you posted. Actually I am glad I can not post as it began to take up too much time and effort. I can not understand why they would block you of all people. But . . .without knowing the owners we know nothing for sure.

  3. Here we go; it's deja vu all over again.
    Tried to post the following @ Bobby's, yet it wouldn't post there!?!

    Majia, it would appear that you are not the only person having troubles logging in there.

    Quote of newsblackoutUSA: " the main login button no longer workers for me."

    Curious, does that imply that there is an alternate login procedure? IDK, because am not registered there, and have no "need to know".

    Title: " Cryptome Attacked and Censored by Webcom and Network Solutions"
    "25 June 2014"
    Quote: "Use of technical rationales to unpremeditatedly attack and censor are now commonplace by telecommunications providers, similar to the technical transgressions against the public by NSA and FBI, blessed by secret FISC orders and willful secret cooperation of service providers."

    Would a linux live distribution aid in avoiding any possible viral or malware implants on her desktop/laptop? If so, perhaps it might be worth noting that linuxMint, Ubuntu, & many other distributions still include older versions of OpenSSL noted as vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. (info from

    There are also a number of linux-based live antivirus iso's available. If requested, i will compile a list.


    My turn for problems now, posting this gets either back to the page here with no post or something like "you've already posted that". If this comes out in duplicate or triplicate, i apologize.

    1. Yup, i cannot reply @ Bobby's.

      Last time this happened, i was posting about WIPP. Is there some major development ongoing now in the ever-shrinking world of nuke-puke?

    2. I cannot reply @ Mochizuki-san's either.

      Quote of Ki11more: "Amazing that I posted a comment on here that suddenly disappeared ….it was about the amount of canned pacific tuna, mackerel and sprats also seems to Alaskan White fish etc that is all on a reduced price offer on the south coast of the United Kingdom….which I personally believe is most likely due to this crisis"

      Reply of sally: "ENE blog problems.
      For the past week when I use DuckDuckGo for it comes up Sorry, this page doe not exist.

      The login at top right gives me a 404 error with green and blue blocking which I have never seen so I use the "login to reply" to access and post."

      Am hoping that last bit helps.

    3. Anne & Aftershock conclude it is a problem with Admin's server.

  4. Quote of tbg: " on a side note I live chatting with the enenews hosting company the friday, I'm not affiliated with the site but I have some domain experience and they indicated, to me at least, that its not a database error, but the login link is being blocked on the hosting companies end because of hacking attempts to gain access. This may or may not be true, hosting live chat support is not known for their exacting standards and also Im not technically affiliated with the domain but I know the questions he can answer and he seemed to be on top of it. It's a pretty good company so it stands to reason seeing as how their block page comes up in place of the login prompt."

    If only they would release the addresses involved in the attempt(s). Those fockers need some exposure.


    2. Quote: "No-IP has beaten off the DDoS attack, but the company is disputing Microsoft's claim that everything is fine and dandy for its customers.

      "Services were not restored at 6am, in fact they are still not up at this moment," spokeswoman Natalie Goguen told The Register.

      "At 6am, they seemed to make a change to forward on the good traffic, but it didn’t do anything. Although they seem to be trying to take corrective measures, DNS is hard, and they don’t seem to be very good at it.""

      This is the only coinciding incident immediately apparent to me. Rob might be able to confirm or refute. Don't know if it explains issues except WNTF's (i believe she saw it, have seen Mochizuki-san update where no French available in articles, then reappears later - like an admin update)

      Nothing on Bruce Schnierer's site. WTH?

      Quote: "Hacking Team is an Italian malware company that sells exploit tools to governments."
      "Coming soon to a protest near you: drones that fire pepper spray bullets."

      It's the only theory i've heard so far that could explain. Just a theory, so far.

      It's not the government, it's Microsoft. Hang on a tic ... :/

    3. The scale of "millions affected" seems to fit.

      From Jamie Jones: " This is where they've gone wrong (You'd think they'd know how DNS works....)

      They are 'honouring' updates to the users dynamic addresses, but in a horrible and incorrect way:

      The authoritative nameservers are configured as recursive for *ALL* domains (yuck)

      They have configured an override to divert forwarding requests for these affected domains to the no-ip (original) authoritative nameservers. (i.e. they've statically added NS records for the affected domains pointing to the no-ip servers)

      They therefore reply to the client with the correct IP address.

      This would be fine for a recursive nameserver, but these servers are configured as *authoritative* nameservers for these domains - and are accessed as such, but they are returning the result as non-authoritative.

      Basically, this creates the following process (Example uses the domain, but the same applies to the others. Some irrelevent steps skipped/simplified) :"

      quoted from & data available -->

      Well, Microsoft did conspire to take over those domains. Is this now a bona fide "conspiracy theory"? :)


      Wow! Blighty was down too. What are the odds?

    5. Am using Google's public DNS server sure makes a difference in loading times for Bobby1's site! No big slowdown now.

    6. "By using Google Public DNS you can:

      Speed up your browsing experience.
      Improve your security.
      Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection."

      OpenDNS (and others) are available for when DNS goes "wavy gravy". :lol

    7. It would appear that service @ enenews (et al) is back to normal.

      Quote of or-well: "I just logged in using the usual Log In @ the upper right hand corner, which I haven't been able to do for weeks."

  5. Others are continuing to post today. I would think someone might know someone who is having a problem and that the site would post a notice regarding the problem. My intuition is that these people are a bit odd and very touchy as well.

  6. The confluence of determination and curiosity: nothing on Google regarding "login problems" except Majia, nor on Twitter. No mention in the comments either. Very strange. I suppose it could be a block on certain ISPN's. Majia as a threat? The all knowing web is mum. In the meantime it looks like NSA is a gargantuan blackmail scheme. Not terrorists but world leaders: presidents, ministers, CEO's, God? -- probably not, but angels and demons. "Oh, what a web I did weave . . . " --Anonymous Immortal Spider

    1. Other people are having the same problem now

      It is hard to tell what is going on

      Watch Nuchelcken 's video

    2. 1188 assemblies removed before current fuel assembly removal hiatus. (How much mass recovered though, hmm?) 350 of the most damaged (?) assemblies remain.

      Plans for Eunuch #3 SFP evacuation being forwarded. 1 Sv/h (8766 Sv/y) in relevant region estimated.

      See Simply Info:

      Why "climb Everest" now instead of evacuating Eunuch #1, CSFP or Eunuch #5?
      Is there "no room in the inn"?
      There are concerns by TEmPCO casks not meeting safety standards? Phooey!

      Kubuki theater to restart after brief commercial interruption ...

      Dr. David Suzuki should have stuck to his guns concerning SFP4 & possible West Coast evacuation, in my humble opinion.

    3. PS: for a theory that was affecting millions of DynamicDNS users see above


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