Sunday, April 13, 2014

Earthquake Near Daiichi, Pink Emissions Seemingly from Unit 4

Enenews alerted us of an earthquake in North Eastern Japan ( here ).

Unit 4 appears as if its bleeding neon pink. I often wonder whether fission activity at Daiichi is accelerated when the earth moves:


More screenshots are available here:

I think the pink emissions from unit 4 must stem from the spent fuel or machinery pool.

In contrast, I think reactions that occur underground (in the melted fuel in the river under the plant) and/or in the water storage tanks result in the heavy pixilation and fog we see suddenly and the more effuse pink glow.


  1. Behind the scenes we now have the oligarchs pushing nuclear energy as the solution to global warming. A latest UN report does at least suggest caution: "Nuclear power could make an ‘increasing contribution to low-carbon energy supply’, the report finds, but the scientists warn that ‘operation risks’ such as disposing of radioactive waste mean there are a ‘variety of barriers and risks’."
    So this does provide the nuclear power people with some leverage. Emphasis is on disposal of waste and not on melt downs.

    I do not know enough about Tesla energy to comment on the following: "Free Tesla Energy needs to be deployed now so we can start taking nuclear power plants offline first near earthquake fault lines and then everywhere. "
    As Russia found out in the 1990's oligarchs do not make good custodians of societies.

  2. After CNN iReport article ( ) someone else is reacting to advise about the new Technology by WOW Technology Inc. that is able to offer a SUPER decontamination performance for removing radioactive isotopes from water without generating any sludge.

    It is the Bouletin of French ministery for Foreign affairs:

    This Technology would allow a better cooling for those metdown rectors at Fukushima Daiichi and prevent additional problems.
    I hope that news will be spreaded all around the world.
    as it is a great news and a glimmer of hope.

  3. If one had any doubts about the integrity of scientists the current display of lies by many regarding the dangers of ionizing radiation should keep one far on the skeptical side. Article after article denying that the Fukushima releases will impact adversely the health of people on the West Coast is actually alarming. I have a son living there and a daughter who will spend the summer near the coast in Washington. So now it has become even more alarming. As I send out warnings to my children these scientists are contradicting my research and instincts. The governments have become merely an another form of avaricious corporation for whom the people mean only a source of power and wealth,

  4. Don't know if you are still under the weather.
    If so, please get well soon.
    You are a beacon of light in the current and seemingly prevailing dense fog of reporting, researching and analysis.

    Despite the grim landscape revealed, yours is a beautiful light. Shine on! :)


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