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Chronic Radiation Exposure and Human Health

I just finished watching NOAA's dispersion map for Fukushima cesium-137 fallout: http://sos.noaa.gov/videos/fukushima_400.mov

Thank you Enenews for posting this link. This image struck me from the video:

[excerpt] In this dataset, the simulation from NOAA's HYSPLIT model shows a continuous release of tracer particles from 12-31 March at a rate of 100 per hour representing the Cesium-137 emitted from Fukushima Daiichi. Each change in particle color represents a decrease in radioactivity by a factor of 10. [end] 

It does indeed appear that we were heavily doused on the west coast and in the mountain states inland. I recommend everyone watch the entire video.

You can also find dispersion maps for Iodine-131 that were developed by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) and posted here: http://globalcooperative.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/radioactive-iodine-131-usa-forecasts-to-may-13/

Dispersion maps use models of air flow to represent and track patterns of radionuclide dispersion. Dispersion maps are very useful for modeling how plumes of radiation move intact and, eventually, disperse across the globe.

Dispersion models rely on SOURCE TERMS for the quantity of radionuclides modeled.

I honestly don't know whether NOAA and NILU used source terms provided by TEPCO, or whether they used samples of radionuclides generated from the international monitoring conducted by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Monitors http://www.ctbto.org/. The CTBTO monitoring data will have far greater validity than TEPCO's source terms, which have been revised multiple times and are unreliable.

One study that empirically sampled xenon using a SAUNA-II xenon measurement system provides some indication of the radionuclide density early in the disaster:
US Particulate and Xenon Measurements Made Following the Fukushima Reactor Accident. INGE 2011 Yogyakarta Workshop, by Justin McIntyre, Steve Biegalski , Ted Bowyer, Matt Copper, Paul Eslinger, Jim Hayes, Derek Haas, Harry Miley http://www.batan.go.id/inge2011/file/day1/1650_mcintyre.pdf

First detection of radioxenon in US at Richland WA
Xenon-133 measurements were x450,000 our detection levels using a SAUNA-II xenon measurement system... Levels persisted for weeks and isotopes were ultimately detected across the northern hemisphere and around the world.

(INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington, AND The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas)

Majia here: I really don't know how much fuel was lifted into the atmosphere or how much is increasingly contaminating the ocean. I do know that Fukushima is so bad that the powers-that-be have worked very hard to minimize its scope and effects in the mainstream media.

But those effects are going to be felt. I was persuaded of low-level effects by David DeSante's research about Chernobyl effects in California coastline birds:
Dr. David DeSante is the founder of the Institute for Bird Population in Point Reyes, California.
After the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl passed over the U.S. West Coast in the spring of 1986 his research uncovered a severe die-off of young birds.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hcBGSr9QGk
I strongly recommend watching this video. Dr. DeSante was not looking for Chernobyl effects. He simply found them when studying bird ecology in California.

I've documented all sorts of animal anomalies here at my blog. I don't claim that they were all caused directly by Fukushima. See here http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/2013/10/animal-anomalies-is-fukushima-daiichi.html

What I do claim is that there has been a scientifically documented increase in adverse mortality events along the North American west coast. Fukushima radiation may not have caused all events directly but I am convinced that the fallout stressed animals already under duress from eco-system degradation.

Today I am home sick with a terrible case of bronchitis, a condition I've not suffered from since the early 1990s. From 1987 to 1992 I suffered from terrible bronchitis infections and pneumonia. I was in San Diego when California was hit by Chernobyl radiation so I wonder if my reduced immunity during that period was caused by fallout exposure. Has my immune system been compromised again by Fukushima?

Everyone around me is sicker than usual. My dad and step-father are both deteriorating very, very rapidly. I am overwhelmed with taking care of my dad as I am his only relative in the state. I cannot prove the deteriorating health of friends and relatives is caused by Fukushima, but I'm personally convinced.

Moreover, I have no doubt that Fukushima fallout is making people in Japan ill, especially in Fukushima Prefecture. In 2012 I spoke to a Fukushima doctor at Caldicott's Lessons of Fukushima Symposium. She said children were suffering symptoms of chronic radiation exposure, especially nose bleeds, fatigue, and weight changes. A survey of preschool children in Fukushima found symptoms of dizziness and fatigue, although attributed these symptoms to anxiety.

What happens to a society when illness and rapid physical deterioration afflict children and adults at an alarmingly increasing rate?

I can tell you from my personal experience that the demands on caregivers, who are still relatively healthy, will be overwhelming. Increased susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections will tax even the healthiest among us, magnifying stress.

Societal breakdown is what will result from a significant and abrupt increase in physical illness and biological degradation.

I don't know how bad the Fukushima effects will be but I am not optimistic, particularly after viewing the new NOAA dispersion model linked at the top of this post:

E.g., see why here: http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/2014/01/fukushima-doomsdayers.html



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  1. Yep, Hawaii got dosed heavy too, at times as heavy as CA, but I already knew that, because the EPA uranium in air told me, and the fact that the flies went away for a year....even though we have dogs.

    Think good health, take time to take care of yourself.

    Funny how this is just Cesium in air, and the decreases are stated as "washout by rain", hmmmm now where did that go to?

    And they ignore the plutonium and uranium, and strontium....the strontium is like 100 time higher than classical models IF the corium interacted with concrete...and we know that happened.

    Wake up, time to kill nuke, but

    Dont forget about your own health, smoothie a day, and don't forget to put a banana in the smoothie just to WIPP the bird to the nukers.

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