Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alternative Universe

I read today an AP article that was surely written about an alternative universe:

Fishing Industry in Japan Recovers from 2011 Tsunami. By E. Kurtenbach and E. Wang (2014, Mar 19), The Arizona Republic, A18

The article covers the challenges to, and 'recovery' of, fishing in northeastern Japan. For example:

[excerpted] Businesses throughout Japan's northeastern Tohoku region face a reality tv show's worth of obstacles to setting up shop: from shortages of financing and construction workers and materials, to lengthy delays in administrative approvals and overburdened transport networks. [end]
Radiation contamination is not an obstacle to business in the region, even fishing. Fukushima Daiichi never exploded in this alternative universe.

The article features a former seafood processing factory worker, Shoichi Sato, who is "helping to bring back the fishing industry" on Japan's northeastern coast, where the Daiichi reactors happen to be located.  The article reports that "78 percent of fishery processing [has] restarted"

The enterprising Sato has developed innovative strategies for improving the quality of his catch from the ocean, such as testing the salt content of his ice (used to keep catch cold).

Unbelievable. Sato of the alternative universe has only to test for excess salt.

In contrast, the Sato of our universe would need to check for strontium and cesium, among other radionuclides found bioaccumulating in fish off of northeast Japan.

For example:

December 18th, 2013 Fukushima Diary:  1,070 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 detected from fish 2km offshore of Fukushima plant / Over 10 times much as safety limit
1,070 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 was measured from fish “outside” of Fukushima plant port. It suggests the contamination is leaking out of the plant port. The sample was “Banded dogfish”. The sampling location was 2km offshore of Fukushima plant. The measured Cs-134/137 level is over 10 times much as Japanese food safety level. The marine products survey is regularly conducted by Tokyo Electric. However, it is not announced if they really publish all the sampling data without choosing. The test results are not inspected by the third party organization either. [end]

 How did this AP press article from a happier alternative universe end up in our nuked one?


  1. Wow, unbelievable. Especially coupled with the debate for removing the country of origin labeling on food. Thanks for keeping track of these.

  2. Probably we did not get enough vaccinations as children, drink enough fluoridated water or breathe in enough aluminum but perhaps the GMO's will bring us up to speed so that we can appreciate these strange revelations regarding radiation. Well, eminent physicists have spoken out about the favorable effect it can have on living organisms. How we got sent down this path of falsehood is still a mystery to me! But I grew up in a rural community in the 1940's and 1950's where people were no doubt ignorant. The food tasted good but we were deluded . . .and in those days even the high schools remarked on the dangers of radiation.
    Too bad for us. We also got off to a bad start by being encouraged to think critically; that was even encouraged at the universities where professors were highly regraded as opposed to the administrators. So we all got a bad education--and stubborn person that I am I still refuse to watch TV and get reprogrammed. So the hope for the future lies now with the young who know the Truth! [Unfortunately I think "they" are going to find ways to attack alternative media and prevent it from spreading all these lies. I assume good Japanese food will soon be back on our grocery shelves. I will keep an eye out for that. Thanks for the good information even though we know it is propaganda from the underground!:)]

  3. I think Japanese Fishermen seriously need to find a market for the record jellyfish returns they can expect mid to long term.


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