Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More SpiderWebs

The clouds surrounding the building are most definitely not a camera artifact. I still am bewildered by the spiderwebs:


  1. Majia,

    Here is a possible way that the ‘spider webs’ could be caused by radiation effects. Water on a camera lens can produce what photographers call orbs. Orbs are water or dust on a camera lens that can reflect light. For the the orb to form, water or dust must stick to the lens. Ordinary raindrops normally do not cause orbs or webs because they run off a vertical lens.

    Weird glowing shapes in photos

    “To produce such weird shapes, the water needs to form a droplet on the lens. If it just runs down the lens, you won't see the strange shapes.”

    “The 'weird glowing shape' effect is caused by total internal reflection. Light from the source bounces around inside the water droplet at all sorts of different angles (this accounts for the 'glow'). Some of it emerges to form a highly distorted image of the light source for the camera sensor.”

    All about orbs

    Quisp - “Trouble is, washed-out fallout isn’t distributed in a neat,
    uniform radioactive haze. It’s lumpy, sticky, filled with hot particles, and prone to “hot spots”."

    “However, radioactive particles can become electrostatically charged as a result of the decay process. Theories have been proposed to describe this self-charging phenomenon, which may have a significant effect on how these particles interact with one another and with charged surfaces in the environment.”

    “Alpha particles are positively charged and are therefore attracted to the negative plate in an electric field.
    Beta particles are negatively charged and are therefore attracted to the positive plate in an electric field.
    Gamma rays are unaffected.”

    Bright light is also required to produce orbs and weird glowing shapes. The light on the site may be a factor. The gas lights are very high intensity with a source that might appear to dance about. There are more gas lights in use than last year. Two additional ones on the south side of r4 seen in TBS but not visible in Tepco South might be the off camera light source for the more intense webs seen lately on Tepco South. The additional gas lights to the north by r1 and r2 may now be the light source for the webs seen recently in the Tepco North view.

    Without having access to the camera and an onsite view it will be hard to prove what causes the webs. Sticky radioactive fallout in the raindrops and the unusual bright gas lights might be what is turning dull orbs into a bright, dancing light show.



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