Saturday, August 31, 2013

Awareness and Preparation = Risk Mitigation

I'm very afraid that something very wicked this way comes. It is known as radiation and it can come with a blast wave, be swept through the wind, or be carried in the ebb and flow of the ocean.

We could all be at imminent risk for another very large exposure from Fukushima Daiichi, particularly people living closest to the plant and those directly downwind through local wind and through the jet stream.

The first sign of imminent danger is spiking radiation. Enenews reports, via NHK, that levels have spiked 2,000 times. This is yet the most recent report of spiking rad levels at the plant. Here is what NHK writes:

[Excerpt] The radiation readings were from 70 to 1,800 millisieverts per hour,  although none of the tanks showed any visible fall in their water levels, the plant operator said, adding it is investigating the cause [end]. (NHK

The article is implying that the spiking rads are not coming from the tanks.

Today, Kat, from the Enenews webcam forum, captured a flash on the TBS webcam

ChasAha, also from the forum, took stills. Both Chas Aha, Kat, and I agree that the flash stills resemble a blast wave:
Original Screen Shot #1:
Filtered Screen shot #2:

So, we have radiation levels spiking and they don’t appear to be coming from tank leaks and we have strange flashes on the cam. Meanwhile, the Japanese government is freaking out asking for assistance, yet nothing appears to be happening by way of a response.

I have not been this worried since the rad levels spiked in November of 2011. I honestly think the Daiichi site could possibly explode, and if it does it will be very large and very bad for life. The fallout would be intense and Daini and Tokai might have to be abandoned

Circumstantial evidence drawn from the webcam suggests changes have occurred over the last 3 months at the plant. Daiichi has looked unstable since mid-June, when the massive steam eruptions became longer, more regular, more voluminous, and more ‘smoky’ looking.

Take a look at these screenshots from August 20. That was a bad week:

Wotcha's link from August 20

Pure water's screen shots of the Aug 20th event:

The plant looked more stable last week, until today when the blast-flash phenomenon occurred.

I feel that acting as if the worst scenario could potentially unfold is a rational risk-mitigation strategy. After all, the worst case scenario is precisely what Japanese officials are warning of, although they’ve been reticent to pin down exactly what the worst case scenario actually is:

[excerpt] Chairman of the Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority Shunichi Tanaka was quoted Thursday by The Wall Street Journal as saying the situation was alarming "We cannot waste even a minute," he said. "This is what we have been fearing.".…Atsunao Marui, director of research at Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, said the situation is likely to get worse. "It's important to think of the worst-case scenario," he said. [end](cited from  Worst-case scenario' at Fukushima Aug. 22, 2013 at 7:45 AM

Risk mitigation strategies are rational strategies that aim to reduce impacts of dangers. Preparation is not panic and it is not fear-mongering. 

The disaster of which I write about may never occur, but the tension in the media, among politicians, and by Japanese scientists is very THICK and the force, if you will, does not feel right at all (e.g.,

I recommend having a plan in place for your family in the event of sudden power disruption and having on hand the food and water necessary for at least several months. Having access to an underground water source that one could access without power would be ideal, but probable few people are so situated. 

Give Me Shelter because we're all becoming Radioactive.


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  1. It is my opinion and the opinion of quite a few others that Fukushima has had ongoing criticalities regularly since March 2011. This is backed up by the ongoing emissions of radionuclides that only occur during criticality, including radioactive iodine, which has a half life of 8 days and would be completely gone in 80 days.

    Prior to Fukushima open air criticalities, or acclerated nuclear fission, were very rare. I was only able to find a record of a dozen or so in the nuclear era. (of course that doesn't mean there weren't others that have been kept secret)

    At one point eighteen months ago the plant was putting out enough heat to vaporize clouds two thousand feet overhead. Some rough calculations put this heat output to roughly the same as the plant's pre-disaster energy output. Meaning the cores were "burning" full-bore with no reactors and no capture of the energy. It would not be possible for this to be merely "decay heat". It had to be nuclear fission.

    At that time, the emissions only rarely put out lots of steam. Today it is commonplace. This could very well be because the cores are now operating in a bath of groundwater or seawater.

    It may also indicate that the situation is worsening - although I tend to think it's merely progressing - the worst case has been initated since the beginning.

    Majia I watched the white screen video and I do not believe it is an explosion. I say this, because I see no difference between the pre white screen view and the post white screen view.

    Like all of the videos, it's hard to tell and I haven't watched closely lately, but it looks more like either a screen wipe or something out of focus passing in front of the lens.

    Isn't this the camera that is 10K away from the plant? Could a small aircraft have flown past, very close to the camera location?


  2. It is good to hear from you James.You have to see the stills of the white flash that were broken down from the video. ChasAha took screen shots of the video of the white flash:
    Original Screen Shot #1:

    Filtered Screen shot #2:

    Today was very, very bad at the plant. There were two major events this morning involving huge amounts of steam and what looked to be smoke.

    WideAwake posted quite a few screen shots of today's events

  3. I feel the same way Weez. There is no certainty and there has been no warning, nor is there likely to be in the future.

    Today's event was scary and I am pretty confident it was a criticality. See screen shots I posted, thanks to Wideawake.

    I recommend that anyone down-wind of Fukushima, including people in North America, exercise caution, particularly in the event of precipitation.

    The rad readings for the site were turned off as well, adding to my concern.

    So, I cannot really answer your very relevant question other than to say one has to monitor many data points and assess risk on a day-by-day basis.

    I feel that the risk for complete loss of control at the plant is high. If I think that event has occurred I will update my post. In the meantime, I think the rational policy is to watch local weather conditions in Japan and the jet stream elsewhere and avoid outside exposure if possible when directly downwind.

    I am sorry this is such a lame answer. We've apparently been dispossessed by our so-called leaders.

  4. Weez, do you think the big white flash was the plasma event? Or, was the spider-web phenomenon the plasma event?

    I appreciate your analysis, thank you.

  5. Majia,
    I saw the closeups of the white flash. It still doesn't look like an explosion to me, however I wouldn't bet on anything these days.

    The "layers" shown in the filtered screenshot might possibly be from the software in the camera trying to reconcile the new white space with the old grayspace in the view. I've seen similar things when you use auto white balancing functions on still or video cameras.

    It doesn't look like a shockwave to me - especially since the view returned identically after the flash.

    Plasma event? I'll admit that I'm not familiar with that, other than a plasma cutting torch. Doesn't it take tens of thousands of degrees to create plasma? I actually thought about plasma when I was watching some of the nukelchen videos that showed the interaction between the various locations around the site - there was one that was simply astonishing - but I couldn't get many to look at it, because it was back when almost everyone was skeptical of ongoing criticalities.

    Of course one of the reasons I stopped watching was that I felt like we were all stabbing in darkness at the truth. And I felt like the camera handlers were intentionally throwing occasional "easter eggs" into the mix, just to throw us off track.

    And, to be honest, I didn't need any more proof that the situation was totally out of control. It didn't seem productive to me to continue watching and commiserating with the small group who understood what was going on. This thing is going to progress whether it is watched or not. And if they can bring it under control, then that's great, but I will remain skeptical of any reports that claim they have.

    Majia, have you made any progress on figuring out how to get the truth out more successfully? I'm very interested in your professional opinion.

    The only example I have experienced of toppling a scam is "global warming". It took the climategate files to finally stop the global warming scam. Still they have tried to keep it going, because very few people actually read the files (there were thousands of files in the package along with the emails - but all you ever heard about in the media were the emails) that were leaked (I did) - which exposed the scam clearly.


  6. Check out this plasma event

    As soon as I posted it, Enenews forums became unavailable.

    Today there was an 'orange glow bar' at Daiichi, which I also posted a screen shot of on the webcam forum

    Unfortunately, these may not be images some want us to see and discuss. One Enenews poster had the red lightning shots removed from her online account (I cannot recall which one but its posted at the Enenews discussion forum, when it comes back up)

    James I am now working with a coalition of academics who are in many countries. I've circulated webcam images to this group and some of them are finally getting actively involved.

    So, I am making some small progress.

    Is it too late?

    I was reviewing screen shots tonight from the last 6 months. They are very terrifying.


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