Friday, August 9, 2013

I Still Have Hope for Fukushima's Mitigation

I've come out of hibernation because we have entered an important window of opportunity.

Tepco and Japan are signalling through outspoken, albeit indirect requests for assistance that they have lost hope of controlling the Daiichi plant.

The time is right for a diverse group of scientists, engineers, physicians, activists, and others from around the globe to step forward to help mitigate a disaster that threatens the fabric of Japanese life and has global ramifications for us all (e.g., see Akio Matsumura here).

The recent media flurry signals that the situation at Daiichi has become unmanageable and poses immediate risks that must be mitigated. 

To prevent nuclear fires from erupting in the melted fuel at the surface, Tepco must continuously inject at least 400 tons of water a day.

So, 400 tons of water are being injected into the site daily to prevent nuclear fires. Any interruption of injections could result in nuclear fires.
Yet, the water injections present additional perils. The site is becoming extensively saturated from the injections and from ground water. Tepco has put the ground water infiltration at about 400 tons a day. Tepco cannot contain, store, and decontaminate all of this water, so much of it is going into the ocean. Meanwhile, buildings are destabilizing as their foundation liquifies. Buildings may very well collapse.

Infrastructural collapse and/or rising radiation levels will result in nuclear fires by disrupting water injections necessary to cool melted fuel.

Nuclear fires will threaten Tepco's ability to stabilize Daini and Tokai, which both suffered damages during the March 2011 earthquakes, threatening a domino effect.

Meanwhile, the melted fuel in the earth beneath the Daiichi plant is producing huge steam eruptions that are become more frequent, bigger, longer, and dirtier looking. We now see the hydro-volcanic phenomenon described the architect of unit 3.

The international media have ignored and trivialized the story of massive steam releases that have been documented in video and screen shots. I have screen shots of steam coming directly from the ground with great force.The one thread about a tendril of steam from unit 3 was quickly dropped as the media focus shifted to contaminated ocean water, which is important, but not the only source of contamination for us all.

A massive, coordinated response is needed. The workers at Daiichi are heroes, who will never be fully recognized. But they cannot fight this battle alone and rising radiation levels will soon preclude human activity at the site.

An international force of problem solvers representing diverse views and experiences is our last hope for de-escalating the global crisis.

Transparency is required and immediate mitigation (evacuations, expanded testing, etc.) of those most at risk is essential. Expanded testing and mitigation efforts are needed for all areas impacted by atmospheric, ocean, and ground-water contamination.


needs to replace the regime of DECEPTION and DISPOSSESSION that has reigned.


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  1. Yes, absolutely. I have tried to talk to fellow employees and friends about this since 3-11-11. They say I'm overreacting, that if there were danger that the government would tell us. I keep pressing until they become angry. Today one of my best friends ridiculed me, laughing at what she calls my "doom & gloom". This, after she just finished telling me that four out of her six friends have had cancer, including herself. She said she is reading two books claiming it is sugar that causes cancer. Without u.s. government support, which we will never get, people will not believe.

  2. welcome back, welcome words: spread the word!

  3. Majia,
    I wish you were correct. Certainly I'm willing to help, however I do not believe for a minute that they really want help.

    First, I do not believe there is any stopping Fukushima. There could have been if the governments had stepped up to their responsibility to their constituents and to mankind, but they did not. They covered it up, and claimed it to be over.

    And now they are revealing the truth - NOT!!!

    They have released more articles about radioactive water. How we fall for the same tricks over and over again. In the beginning they used the radioactive water panic to gloss over finding nuclear fuel all over the site - they used it to gloss over the early steam/smoke events. And they used it to gloss over the plight of workers, some of whom died in the fight against the meltdowns.

    The story now is not about radioactive water - any more than it was two years ago.

    Something has changed, and that thing is that they can no longer cover up the effects of the disaster. The Japanese economy has failed. The Ocean is now unmistakably contaminated. I'm suspect the Japanese health is starting to fail now.

    I've seen every one of the sources of truth for this disaster fail as well - or at least change into something other than what they started out to be.

    So, if there is a need for folks willing to truly help - I'm in - but I'm skeptical the time is right.


  4. I know James

    I believe the atmospheric emissions are worsening.

    The criticalities may force total evacuation.

    Perhaps this is our last opportunity for a stand.

    We need to try

  5. James,

    Are you willing to be interviewed on a small Internet radio show? Is there a way of contacting you?


  6. Yes, you just contacted me.

    I'm not sure why you would want to interview me, but I'd probably decline. I provided my observations for the first year or so, but I haven't watched closely for about a year, so I'm pretty much like the rest of the folks these days - ignorant.

    I stopped watching because it was getting much more difficult and time consuming to figure out what was going on from the blurry cameras and I could no longer justify my observations very well - plusI think the propaganda folks got better at their jobs and covered it up better.

    Good luck with your project - if you have some questions you'd like me to respond to I'm happy to - just post them here.



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