Friday, December 7, 2012

Fukushima Watch: View Latest Nuckelchen Video

There is SPREADING DARKNESS followed by ephemeral, pinkish-red eruptions in the area of unit 4.

I say ALERT!


  1. The spreading darkness is a smoke mask they use to cover up what's happening. They did it all the time a year ago.

    the smoke isn't real, but it's a sure sign that something bad is happening behind it.

    Now the whole picture is so blurry and so photoshopped that they don't need to do it - until now.

    On the other Nuckelchen video - the longer one. I believe I can detect 4 or 5 fires burning. You can see them from the smoke plumes, which are elecronically blurred, but still detectable.

    The locations are:
    1. The north end of unit 4 - not the end where the SFP is - the end where the explosion occured. Something is still there.

    2. Above SFP3 is a smoke plume - you can see it above the SE corner of 3.

    3. The pit between 2 and 3 - surprisingly this looks smaller than I would have expected.

    4. Somewhere to the west of #1 or possibly #2- look for the plume dancing between the tower and the blurry white buildings which are the photoshopped rendition of 1 and 2.

    5. This one I'm not totally sure about, but there seems to be something going on at the SW corner of #3. This is near, but above the purple glow stick Majia describes. A long time back, I said I saw corium flowing out of the #3 SFP here. I thought they built a platform here, but something funny is happening.


  2. Thanks James

    I think its alert time for people in Japan.


    Do you think the possible fire is the "engine" pool? Is that the pool you thought had burned in unit 4?


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