Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sea Levels Rising

Sea Levels Rising 60% Faster Than Expected By Joe Romm, ThinkProgress 30 November 12 http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/312-16/14803-sea-levels-rising-60-faster-than-expected

[Excerpted] A new study, "Comparing climate projections to observations up to 2011," confirms that climate change is happening as fast — and in some cases faster — than climate models had projected. The news release explains:
The rate of sea-level rise in the past decades is greater than projected by the latest assessments of the IPCC, while global temperature increases in good agreement with its best estimates. This is shown by a study now published in the journal Environmental Research Letters. Stefan Rahmstorf from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and his colleagues compare climate projections to actual observations from 1990 up to 2011. That sea level is rising faster than expected could mean that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) sea-level rise projections for the future may be biased low as well, their results suggest.
As Dr. Rahmstorf notes, "the new findings highlight that the IPCC is far from being alarmist and in fact in some cases rather underestimates possible risks."
The oceans are rising 60 per cent faster than the IPCC's latest best estimates, according to the new research. The researchers compared those estimates to satellite data of observed sea-level rise. " Satellites have a much better coverage of the globe than tide gauges and are able to measure much more accurately by using radar waves and their reflection from the sea surface," explains Anny Cazenave from LEGOS. While the IPCC projected sea-level rise to be at a rate of 2 mm per year, satellite data recorded a rate of 3.2 mm per year.
 Majia here: The study mentioned is open-access and is available here:

Comparing climate projections to observations up to 2011 Stefan Rahmstorf1, Grant Foster2 and Anny Cazenave3 http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-9326/7/4/044035/article


  1. Majia

    I urge you to look at data not spin. You have seen firsthand how people manipulate the media.

    This information was released coinciding with the global "climate change" conference - which has been losing attendees faster than Fukushima's population reduction.

    Sea levels haven't risen significantly at all. Last time I looked at the source data from sea level monitors it was flat for the past 10 years.

    Global temperature has remained almost steady for more than a dozen years. That's an undeniable fact. Again, look at the source data. (obviously there are fluctuations, but there is no longer any upward trend)

    The only significant ice melt on earth has been in the Arctic - it's floating ice - there's no sea level rise from floating ice. I'm not sure what's causing Arctic ice melt, but it is not global warming.

    Global warming - at least man-made global warming is a scam. Don't fall into the trap of repeating other's lies.

    If you've ever believed anything I've written, you can count on this 100% - I'm certain:


  2. To add a bit to what James said ...

    Tokyo Electric is one of the biggest forces behind the global warming/carbon indulgences push, if not the biggest. Tokyo Electric is actually kind of like GE and AIG or Goldman-Sachs combined, in other words, a totally criminal organization.

    The destruction of the world's environment is a separate issue. That's going on everywhere. And it's possible that unknown or poorly understood forces are impacting the Earth. As an example, I seem to recall that the Sun was yellow decades ago, and now it seems to be white.


  3. I believe that the entire derivatives structure created from the commodification of carbon is corrupt.

    I believe that the science on climate change is very uncertain and the forces and rate of change unclear.

    But I do believe that measuring carbon in the atmosphere and comparing it to previous periods is relatively objective, is it not?

    If carbon concentrations in the environment are increasing, doesn't that suggest that our weather will be altered in some way or another?

    Granted predicting changes is rough...

    I understand that the sun is in a heightened phase of activity ....

  4. Very good questions Majia.

    It's a fact, carbon concentrations have increased since the burning of fossil fuels have increased.

    It is not a fact that our weather will be altered. Carbon dioxide is a very small fraction of air - in the range of 360 parts per million. This is the entire premise of the manmade global warming movement - and it is false.

    How am I sure? Very simple. During the 1990's there was a very scary correlation between the slope of the CO2 rise in the atmosphere and global temperature rise. Of course correlation does not equal causation. However the Global warming community grabbed onto it and ran with it - creating all kinds of "scientific theories' about the causation.

    However something interesting happened. In the 2000's the correlation stopped - dead stop. Global temperature stopped rising, however global CO2 continued to rise.

    That's when they changed it to "global climate change".

    It's also when they had to revise all the theories, because by the the time it was proven wrong, big money was coming on the scene.

    Rising CO2 does a one thing definitely - it makes plant life flourish - you can see from the satellite images that Earth is much more lush than it once was.

    I'm not even sure if the sun activity is heightened, or our ability to measure it and report on it is heightened.

    We have a similar problem with Arctic ice - we only have data for 35 years, and during those years, arctic ice has definitely retreated some.

  5. continued...

    But we don't know why, and we don't know if this retreat is temporary, permanent or unusual. You'll see panic articles that the ice melted so much that ships could go from east to west over the arctic - however there is history that they did it in the 1930's - but we didn't have satellites then.

    At the same time, Antarctic ice has been advancing - significantly. And that's where something like 80- 90% of the ice on earth is.

    You'll also see panic articles about glacier retreat. I was in Glacier Bay Alaska, this summer. The glaciers there have been retreating for 300 years - which equates to 47 miles. That's obviously not caused by carbon - in fact, the rate of retreat has slowed considerably in recent years.

    Just make sure you look at facts, not spin on the warming subject.



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