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Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Environnement Atmosphérique Model of land deposition (not source term remains unknown)

Real Angst

Anna Freud, daughter of Sigmund, developed her psychodynamic model of the defense of the ego during World War II. She identified three sources for young children’s anxiety, including anxiety emanating from the id, anxiety emanating from a perceived inability to meet the demands of the superego, and anxiety emanating from Realangst, or justified fear. Realangst, for Anna, reflected the war’s very real traumas on young children displaced from their mothers.

These days my dreams are laced with realangst, dreams of exploding nuclear plants engulfed in an unquenchable fire.

My realangst is, I believe, a subconscious and intuitive response to a collapsing eco-system, whose death pangs resonate through dependent life forms.

However, sorting out the specters of my imagination, my psyche, from those grounded firmly in reality, has proven challenging.

Deliberate assessment of the quantity of my realangst, my justified fear, is difficult when the responsible protective agent – the government - is missing in action, providing no useful data that would allow anxieties to be measured, assessed, and tempered through rational adjudication.

How much radiation has really been released from the Fukushima nuclear plant and is Fukushima radiation responsible for the list of anomalies I’ve detected?

Fukushima and the Arctic hole: Might Fukushima Explain the Rapid Recent Decline in Arctic Ice and the Rapidly Expanding Hole Over the Arctic

Fukushima and the US drought

My realangst accumulates in direct proportion to what little data have been made available regarding the scale of the disaster and contamination. The data that are available produce generalized realangst, as illustrated by this fragment of conversation concerning the status of the Daiichi plant by NRC regulators on March 16: 

Accordingly, one regulator states the status of the plant has progressed to at least "2 reactors [in meltdown], multiple spent fuel pools and maybe 4 reactors and 4 spent fuel pools...." The prognosis is considered grim: “We’ve just not seen any mitigation of any of the events and we would take all the spent fuel pools and probably all the four reactors into the final conclusion because we’ve not seen any mitigation…."[i]

Realangst is also produced by the lack of information about contamination throughout Japan and the Northern hemisphere:

A study measuring thyroid exposure to Iodine-131 conducted between April 12 and April 16 2011 published in Research Reports found “extensive measurements of the exposure to I-131 revealing I-131 activity in the thyroid of 46 out of the 62 residents and evacuees measured” (p. 2). The measurement device used to detect Iodine-131was a 3-inch NaI(Tl) scintillation spectrometer used to measure gamma activity at the neck of the resident being tested.[ii]

I happen to have two children and live about 5 hours from the US west coast so my anxiety about contamination has been pressing. Robert Alvarez reports in a June 2012 True News interview that a spent fuel pool fire could produce cesium-137 levels 60X Chernobyl Cesium-137 has been detected on the west coast:
Cesium has been detected in the pollen of California trees (Gundersen: Cesium-134 and -137 detected in Southern California pollen sample — “When you find them both together that’s a Fukushima signature” (VIDEO)

Gundersen’s data have raised realangst. So did the reports of radioactive seaweed and contaminated tuna caught off the coast of San Diego.[iii]

Then, there are reports that cannot be substantiated. If real, these reports should raise considerable alarm, considerable real angst. However, the secretive, conspiratorial management of information concerning this disaster impinges against the rational assessment of information necessary for managing real angst.

“Complete Information Control”: Japan newspapers receive much frightening info that’s covered up — Some evacuees died from acute symptoms yet not reported — Journalists scared

My Realangst was heightened when Gundersen reported that Tepco claimed there is no fuel left to burn in unit 4:

Gundersen v. Tepco: Watch audience uproar after official says “there’s nothing in the fuel pool to burn” (VIDEO)

The idea, demonstrated empirically by an experiment conducted by Professor Watanabe of fukushima University that a radioactive plume is circling the earth every 40 days, raises still more angst, particularly when coupled with spiking radiation levels in US cities:

Japan TV: Fukushima radioactive plume is circling earth every 40 days — Fallout still showing spikes (VIDEO)
Source: Tohoku Broadcasting Company
Uploaded by: guardianofmiyagi
Aired: Sept. 16, 2012
Uploaded: Sept. 27, 2012
Professor Watanabe, Fukushima University

Fukushima: How bad is it? I need to know how much of my angst is real and how much of it is derived from imaginary specters generated by my psyche. How can I know so that I can either be mobilized to appropriate action by my realangst or, conversely, so that I can put my restless psyche to rest?

[i]           U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission Official Transcript of Proceedings of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi ET Audio File (2011, March 16).

[ii]               Shinji Tokonami, Masahiro Hosoda, Suminori Akiba, Atsuyuki Sorimachi, Ikuo Kashiwakura, & Mikhail Balonov Thyroid doses for evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear accident. Scientific Reports (2012, July 12),

[iii]              Daniel J. Madigan, Zofia Baumann, and Nicholas S. Fisher. Pacific bluefin tuna transport Fukushima-derived radionuclides from Japan to California. PNAS (Published online before print May 29, 2012)



  1. The are only a few things like war that give a human a chance to show their real mettle. Not wanting to go to a politically motivated war of any sort, personally....however this nuke thing going on now is a war that we are in, like it or not. But rather than reacting with fear and realangst, consider reacting as a warrior, given the chance for real greatest if you can dismiss fear as the mind killer.

    Brandish and sharpen your written words and PPT's, and so it begins, a chance in our lifetimes for greatness.

  2. Thank you Stock

    I appreciate your comment.

    I need to have the force of conviction to fight this war....

  3. Yes, when we all reaching or own personal tipping point that moves us to action and what action will be take? Does it really matter if Fukushima is just as bad as you think it could be, if it is a little better or even worse? The ultimate problem is that nuclear plants can have accidents and that industry and government work together to protect nuclear progress at the cost of the health of the environment and our health. If Fukushima is not providing the rock hard evidence needed to motivate one to action then maybe the next nuclear incident will, be it San Onofre, Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Palisades, Dresden, Ft. Calhoun etc… My point is why wait until the next one?


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