Monday, October 22, 2012

Japan and China at Odds: Japan's Economy Contracts as Exports to China and EU Collapse

Niwa: Japan-China ties faces worst crisis in 40 years

[Excerpted] The Japanese ambassador to China sounded a strong warning on strained bilateral ties following the recent flare-up of a territorial dispute, declaring the situation so dire that it could set back diplomacy between the two nations to a time before they normalized relations 40 years ago....

NHK: Japan posts record half-year trade deficit

[Excerpted] Japan posted a record trade deficit for the April-September half-year, due to last month's plunge in exports to China amid tensions over a territorial dispute.

Finance Ministry officials said on Monday that Japan logged a biggest-ever trade deficit in September of some 7 billion dollars. The result is attributed to a sharp drop in car exports to China....

Japan Today: Japan posts Y558.6 bil trade deficit in September

[Excerpted] Weakness in the United States and Europe, two key markets for Japanese products, has also weighed, with U.S. exports up just 0.9% in September. Japan’s shipments to Europe dived 21.1%. 

Majia here: I've been looking to see if the EU has been turning back Japanese exports.

I did find this headline:

EU to ease Japan food import rules by Takehito Kudo / via The Daily Yomiuri / October 21, 2012 /
BRUSSELS–The European Union has decided to substantially ease import restrictions on food products and animal feed from Tokyo and 10 prefectures that were imposed due to the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant last year, it has been learned.
The 27-nation EU on Friday approved a draft revision to the import rules, which the European Commission is expected to finalize at its ministerial meeting by the end of this month and implement from Nov. 1. 

 Majia here: Apparently the nations of the world are going to sacrifice their people's health to prop up Japan's economy.

Rather than poisoning the world, the wealthy nations should RE-LOCATE Japanese and other citizens at risk and REMEDIATE  the contaminated areas as much as possible.

Humanity is guaranteeing its future extinction through its willingness to EXTEND AND PRETEND until we are all so genetically damaged that we cannot reproduce.

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