Monday, October 29, 2012

Hitachi Bids to Acquire British Nuclear Venture, RWE AG and E. On AG

The article is written by S. Williams (2012, October 29). Hitachi Set to Win Bidding for British Nuclear Venture. The Wall Street Journal, p. B3

Paraphrasing: Hitachi has joined with Canadian SNC-Lavalin Group to bid for RWE AG and E. ON AG.

The opposition is Toshiba, which currently owns Westinghouse Electric.

Excerpt: "The deal is also vital for the UK government, which has put nuclear energy at the center of its energy policy"

"Analysts are skeptical of utilities' ambitious nuclear plans for the UK and think it is likely that less than the planned 16 gigawatts of new nuclear will eventually be built."

Majia here: The heat/radiation rising at the Fukushima plant demonstrates why nuclear is a LOSING PROPOSITION economically and FOR ALL LIFE ON EARTH

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