Friday, October 12, 2012


This has been a terrible, terrible week for me for migraines.

I had the worst migraine of my life Tuesday and spent a miserable evening in a crowded ER. The migraine was so bad that I had neurological symptoms.

Someone else I work with had a bad migraine Tue and could not come in to teach.

Last night it rained. This morning I went for a 1 hour hike and immediately (at the end of the hike) ended up with another migraine.


Could it be linked to the rising radiation levels? Tue was off the chart in a city in my region...

going to lay down now....


  1. Majia,

    I'm so sorry that you have been suffering so much pain. I had no idea how extreme migraines are until I experienced my first one.

    Do the rising levels of radiation and increases in symptoms relate to the 25+ sudden shut downs of nuclear plants worldwide in the last 3 months? Another wave was in March-April, now this massive wave of shut downs end of July-early October. What is happening?

    I hope that you feel better soon,

  2. Thank you No Nukes

    Perhaps Stuxnet has been reverse engineered to attack US plants?

    25 shutdowns is a lot.


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