Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peak Oil Passed, Now What?


Chris Martenson discusses the new era of post-peak oil. No one knows what it is going to be like, but none of the immediate term prospects look good.

I just viewed Collapse and have to say that there was nothing in the video I disagreed with. I crossed the rubicon, as the saying goes, with the BP Gulf Oil Cataclysm. I no longer have any faith in our government's capacity or willingness to address looming crises.

The challenge is knowing what, if anything, one can do to prepare for the unravelling of our oil-dependent social order.

Living in Phoenix doesn't make this planning and preparing easy since there is no viable transport without cars and it is pretty difficult to get much to grow here beyond watermellon and citrus (at least, that has been my experience!).

I can only hope that change is gradual, rather than rapid and cataclysmic in effects....

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