Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Links Today

Jesse's Cafe Americain warns of the collapse of the lower classes, Wall Street pillaging and the rise of fascism in a series of historically significant but ultra brief video clips

Washington's Blog warns us that war is sold like toothpaste. The difference is that so much more effort and money goes into selling war as compared to toothpaste.

I think both posts are prescient on the eve of a very socially conservative take-over attempt of congress. I'm not defending the democrats because I believe they have done a terrible job leading the country recently.

However, the specter of right-wing ideologues trying to run the country is even more frightening. They will mistakenly blame government regulation for the problem while rushing to increase our already inflated defense budget. They will cut social benefits for a population already reeling from the loss of income and savings. They will privatize what is left of our public infrastructures and services. They will cut corporate taxes and raise personal taxes. We all will suffer more by their misdirected actions.

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