Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Great News on SARS-CoV-2 - Gotta Love those T Cells!

Recently the news on COVID-19 has been mostly bad as the evidence has grown for serious and lasting bodily damage among many recovered patients.  Additionally, the news on antibodies has been disappointing, raising the risk of never-ending re-infections, which will be extremely difficult to prevent if the virus spreads effectively in aerosols.

But the good news is GOOD! Memory T cells to our rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems we have some hidden immunity beyond antibodies.

It turns out that our T cells can remember and react to coronavirus attacks, including from the viruses that cause SARS and COVID-19, as this new study published at Nature reports in its abstract:

Le Bert, N., Tan, A.T., Kunasegaran, K. et al. SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in cases of COVID-19 and SARS, and uninfected controls. Nature (2020).

Memory T cells induced by previous pathogens can shape the susceptibility to, and clinical severity of, subsequent infections1. Little is known about the presence of pre-existing memory T cells in humans with the potential to recognize SARS-CoV-2.

Here, we first studied T cell responses to structural (nucleocapsid protein, NP) and non-structural (NSP-7 and NSP13 of ORF1) regions of SARS-CoV-2 in COVID-19 convalescents (n=36). In all of them we demonstrated the presence of CD4 and CD8 T cells recognizing multiple regions of the NP protein.

We then showed that SARS-recovered patients (n=23) still possess long-lasting memory T cells reactive to SARS-NP 17 years after the 2003 outbreak, which displayed robust cross-reactivity to SARS-CoV-2 NP.

Surprisingly, we also frequently detected SARS-CoV-2 specific T cells in individuals with no history of SARS, COVID-19 or contact with SARS/COVID-19 patients (n=37). SARS-CoV-2 T cells in uninfected donors exhibited a different pattern of immunodominance, frequently targeting the ORF-1-coded proteins NSP7 and 13 as well as the NP structural protein. Epitope characterization of NSP7-specific T cells showed recognition of protein fragments with low homology to “common cold” human coronaviruses but conserved amongst animal betacoranaviruses.

Thus, infection with betacoronaviruses induces multispecific and long-lasting T cell immunity to the structural protein NP. Understanding how pre-existing NP- and ORF-1-specific T cells present in the general population impact susceptibility and pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 infection is of paramount importance for the management of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
This is really good news.


  1. At first I was concerned it shut down my pet hypothesizes. But I realized....we won't have species wide T-cell memory, but if enough people in the 10% have T Cell memory, then like the 100 Monkey Thing, that knowledge can spread to the whole species.


    2. Trump relaxed rules on nursing home training just as covid hit

    3. The Blood-Drenched Dictator Donald Trump is persecuting a Genocide w the Saudis in Yemen. IT HAS CALLED FEDERAL TROPPS OUT ON PEACEFUL PROTESTING AMERICANS AGAIN. THIS TIME IN PORTLAND. A YOUNG MAN SHOT IN THE HEAD

      It has Deregulated all nuclear supervision
      It has abandoned Nuclear Bomb treaties
      It is amping up nuclear warhead production in the USA
      It is opening up another plutonium pit factory in Carolina to the detriment of all americans
      It has killed 140,000 americans and growing with its irresponsible and criminal negligence. It continues to attack Dr Fauci. Its follower attack people wearing masks

      Federal Officers Sent by President Trump Run Downtown. Little Restrains Them.
      The bloodstain left by Donavan LaBella on the sidewalk of Southwest 2nd Avenue is the image by which this deployment is likely to be measured. ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN: Federal officers make arrests in downtown parks on July 11. (Kody Whiteaker)
      By Tess Riski | Published July 15 at 5:31 AM Updated July 15 at 5:31 AM
      Whose streets? Trump's streets.

      ""For the past two weeks, federal officers have patrolled the blocks surrounding the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse. That's thanks mostly to President Donald Trump, who deployed the Department of Homeland Security to at least three U.S. cities that had seen significant street protests—Portland, Seattle and Washington, D.C.
      The sight of armed federal officers—who look dressed for overseas combat or the U.S. border they are trained to protect—is an alarming one for many citizens. The image summons memories of other moments of civil unrest in U.S. history: National Guardsmen shooting college students at Kent State in 1970
      In fact, this is at least the second time federal officers have confronted Portland protesters during the Trump era: In 2018 they did.This time feels different, however: For one thing, the president is making a show of force in an election year. He sent officers here following a June 26 executive order to protect national monuments and buildings—part of his campaign to keep statues of historic figures from being "defamed" by those who see them as symbols of oppression. On July 14, he told the acting U.S. secretary of Homeland Security that he wanted federal officers to leave town. "We do not want or need their help," he wrote on Twitter.
      It did not take long for Trump's officers to go on the offensive. On July 11, one officer of the U.S. Marshals Service shot a protester in the head with a projectile. The protester, named Donavan LaBella, underwent facial reconstructive surgery, and remains in serious condition. ""

      StockAugust 4, 2019 at 2:40 PM
      Look at what Soros is funding. BLM is one of them. A police chief called BLM a "hate organization" and 3 weeks later there was, conveniently a 20 death murder shooting in his city. Coincidence?

      Majia's BlogAugust 4, 2019 at 3:15 PM
      I disagree that Soros funds hate. Soros usually funds "civil society" organizations that promote dialogue not hate.

      StockAugust 4, 2019 at 6:54 PM
      His main fund is for "Open Societies" which sounds great, but when you dig into the details, the reality becomes very clear. He is funding hate, dissatisfaction with life, and open borders, and more. His self stated goal is to destroy the USA.

      BillAugust 4, 2019 at 7:34 PM
      I produced commercials for Trump casino in 1986 Donald Trump told us that he didn’t want any black people, “n***ers”on the track or on camera. This guy has been a racist since his KKK father spawned him and they refused to rent to black people in NYC
      2:41 PM · Jul 28, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

      Replying to
      A former casino worker spoke out about all black people having to hide in a back room when Trump and Ivana visited the casino. #RacistInChief

      Donald Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2019

      StockAugust 5, 2019 at 3:40 PM
      Who are you even speaking too? if me, I will add ------BLM is the opposite of Black Lives Matter. The goal is to convince young black men that they dont have to listen to police orders, and increasing the liklihood that they get shot. Creating hatred and more tension between the groups. BLMs intent is to get black men killed, and villinize cops. That should be obvious if you pay attention to the facts.

      BillAugust 5, 2019 at 4:53 PM
      The el paso shooter drove 680 miles, to do the massacre. No changing that. BLM had nothing to do with it. The shooter is caucasion. Not black. The shooter bragged about what he was going to do. He bragged about and his racism many places and on 8chan

    5. Then this guy posts this:

      "A police chief called BLM a "hate organization" and 3 weeks later there was, conveniently a 20 death murder shooting in his city. Coincidence?"

      That was the original statement. "A police chief called BLM a racist organisztion then the murders in el paso" As if BLM and black people are in any way responsible for the white supremacist mass murder in el paso.
      You can read it at the beginning of the thread. Presents a hateful racist lie, Scapegoating Blacks, for a white supremacist massacre of 20 innocent people and the wounding of many others

      Why do you resort to gutter mouth nonsense and lies, in the face of this awful tragedy and all the others? No answer. Like a ghoul, feeding off the pain and bloodshed of so many innocent people. Disregarding the grief, of the so many loved ones. So pathological it defies belief

      I do not know any black kids that vilanize cops. I know 6 black Cops. 2 of them are young. John whitehead has some things to say about police profiling of people in america both black and white and especially black. John is a conservative white civil rights attorney.

      Blah blah blah black people, police orders. blah blah blah blacks obey kill, hang, hate blacks is this liars mantra

      Stock the seditious fascist racist blames el paso mass shotting on blm › 2019/08
      Police Chief Calls Out BLM As Radical Hate Group ... - Nuke Pro
      stock here - my original research, no one seems to have picked up on this yet. This police chief called out BLM in July, and "they" responded with a mass murder ... on the internet and then using the loose cannons to carry out their dirty work. ... Decision made by JP Cooney

    6. Thats interesting, now that their plan is nearing it's endgame, but now police are fully villinized. See how that worked?

      Many of these true "false flag" actors are "weaponized" using MKultra type intellligence control and guidance by our own FBI/CIA et al. If you accept that theory, then it is easy for the next leap..."they" weaponized/radicalized a supremacist as the perfect tool to carry out a mass shooting in a city where the Chief criticized BLM

      I would say recent events vindicate my position and prediction. TDS is a disease that causes blindness.

  2. Black people, brown people, poor people, disabled people are disproportionatel bearing the mortality of Donald Trumps Covid criminality and racist genocide.

    1. Large military armored car deplloyed in portland. It is so large and heavy it will damage the streets

  3. People randomly snatched from streets in Portland

  4. When the people most needed the federal government to lead, Trump offered beans, bleach, and bullshit.
    Sanho Tree
    · 4h
    Replying to @StephenAtHome
    Trump promises eternal life:

    "He who eats My Goya beans and drinks My bleach has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day...He who eats My beans and drinks My bleach abides in Me, and I in him.”
    Donald 6: 55-57

  5. The Blood-Thirsty Maniac has withheld covid testing. Is withholding national treatment. Making fun of masks. Destroying people and the economy. The uprising is not about BLM alone. Most are white. It is about the reign of terror in america, by this blood drenched madman. 140,000 dead and climbing preciptously. Federal rendition troops and armored vehicles, dispatched.
    He will start exploding nuclear bombs on his own citizens soon . We all know what that means. Especiallly after Fukushima.

  6. Maybe Trump should consider seeking assylum in Saudi Arabia, or Hungary or the Philipines soon

  7. Trump sent federal troops to Portland in order to protect the streets. Like literally the pavement and buildings on a couple of blocks. Protect them from paint. Paint that was sprayed a month ago. I live downtown. BLM protests aren't terrorizing the city. Feds and cops are.

    In Portland, federal agents in combat gear pulled protesters off the street and jailed them without charge. That is what a police state is all about. Now is the time to defend our Constitution. Now is the time to come together and defeat Trump's authoritarian policies.

    The Washington Post
    · 23h
    "It was like being preyed upon": Federal officers in unmarked vans detain Portland protesters

    WW2 Veteran " We are all antifa now, like we were in 1943, when we went to stop the Nazi's in europe."

    Ryan Devereaux
    July 15 2020, 12:15 p.m

  8. Check discussions on FaceBook or other social media . Tell us that covid is not real or that it is subsiding. The maniac in chief has created a reign of terror

    Hi everybody,,I’m sure that a lot of people don’t know that I’m in the hospital with the covid19 virus,,came in 8days ago with the covid19 pneumonia,,had shortness of breath and very weak,,I’m on oxygen and a lot of meds,,my lungs are clearing ok,,but I still have a few days for me to go home,,I have no other issues,,like aches and pains,,fever or headaches,,no digestion problems,,actually,I have a great appetite ,,,I’m in great hands here,,everybody is awesome,,,this is real,,everybody take care and precaution,,can’t wait to go dancing again,,
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    •Jul 11

    Does anyone have Shelva`s phone number? Im going to Sun City soon and want to call her about her life in the 55plus world up there. Love to have any contact info.....Thanks
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    •Jul 11

    Please pray for our Zoomer Member Jesus P Delacerda. He has come down with tCOVD-19. received the following text messages from him today.

    I'm sorry to hear that,,he was a nice guy,,I'm sorry to tell you that I'm in the hospital with the convid19 virus ,,since Tuesday,,came in with pneumonia,,had shortness of breath and very weak,,I've been on oxygen and several antibiotics,,I'm about to have plasma therapy.

    I went out before but I got from youngest brother,,he got it from his ex-wife,ain't that sweet,I saw him last week Thursday, he went to the hospital Friday night symptoms started Sunday very fast acting, you may share my status if you wish.
    See more
    •Jul 7

    It was with sadness and shock to hear of Jim's passing. I will miss his infectious personality and friendship, his jaunty hat, and always a willing dance partner.
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    Judy B.
    Judy B.
    •Jul 5

    Jim Simone's passing is heartbreaking for all who knew him. We need to hold all of our friendships near and dear. Nothing is guaranteed. His family will be proud to know how much we thought of him! His arrangements will be posted when finalized.
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    Richard H.
    Richard H.
    •Jul 5

    So sorry to hear the sad news of Jimbo's passing. Does anybody know when Jimbo's funeral will be? It really rings home when people we knew are getting sick and even dying out there. Stay safe , wear a good mask and leave some space, and then some day we can get out and have fun again. Jim will be missed by many,
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    •Jul 4

    Joe Baiardi Wrote on July 4th 2020: Rest in peace Jim Simone. He was a great man and my Italian NY brother from another mother. He was also a huge supporter of live music and had many friends within the musical family in Houston. We will miss seeing him and all the laughs. Godspeed Jim. Prayers to the Simone family.
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    Debra S.
    Debra S.
    •Jul 4

    I meant to say Linda. My dear friend I have known for years passed away today from Covid. The next Fab five concert I will dance one for you Jimbo (Jimmy Simone) you will be missed!
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    Linda B.
    Linda B.
    •Jul 2

    Jim Simone (Jimbo) is in ICU with COVID fighting for his life. Please pray.
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  9. In this crisis that demands trustworthy leadership, the president has instead sowed chaos, confusion and misinformation lied, politicized, kneecapped experts, sown division an violence

    From Ryan Grenoble

    President Donald Trump has a well-established reputation for lying, having told upwards of 16,240 falsehoods in his first three years in office. So it’s predictable that, when confronted with a coronavirus pandemic Trump spent weeks downplaying instead of preparing the country to face, the lies would flow.

    But the damage Trump has caused with his coronavirus mistruths ., inactions, and actions is in full living color now. Trump’s falsehoods lies and crimes have killed many and are killing many more
    Trump lies and criminal incompetence

    1. “Anybody that needs a test gets a test.”
    Just reported that the United States has done far more “testing” than any other nation, by far!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 25, 2020
    Trump has regularly and grossly overstated U.S. coronavirus testing capacity. “Anybody that needs a test gets a test,” Trump said on March 6. “We — they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful. Anybody that needs a test gets a test.”
    Many people cannot get a test. How many do u know people who supposedly got tested and, did not get results. Alot
    A lack of test kits ― and pretending it’s not a problem ― puts everyone at risk.
    2. “Within a couple of days [the number of positive cases is] going to be down to close to zero.” said in March
    As he pivoted from outright dismissal of a problem he said would “miraculously” go away and began acknowledging the coronavirus was something to deal with, Trump still downplayed the threat.
    "When you have 15 [positive] people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero,” he said on Feb. 26. “That’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”
    3. “This is their new hoax.”
    At a Feb. 28 rally in South Carolina, Trump accused Democrats of politicizing his lackluster coronavirus response, which he proclaimed was “one of the great jobs.”
    "This is their new hoax,” he said. “We have 15 [coronavirus-positive] people in this massive country and because of the fact that we went early, we went early, we could have had a lot more than that.”
    4. Repeated selective amnesia about having fired the experts whose job was to foresee exactly this situation.
    Trump dismantled the National Security Council’s pandemic response unit in 2018,
    5. Encouraging his followers to attack people wearing masks
    Trump’s politicizing of the problem likely led to many of his supporters failing to see the virus as a serious public health issue. His actions are criminal like the oklahoma ralley.
    It gets worse: in July, the Trump administration eliminated a Beijing-based American public health official whose role was to help detect disease outbreaks in China.

  10. 6. The pandemic response unit certainly would have come in handy
    “It would be nice if the office was still there,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Congress.
    Trump’s choice to dismantle that unit, and then to deny knowledge, shows he wasn’t expecting a pandemic and wasn’t prepared to take the necessary actions to deal with one, even though experts in Trump’s own government showed a pandemic could cause death, disability and job loss that would harm the economy. Trump continues to kneecap experts
    7. “We did not see it. It is not so bad
    On March 25, Trump framed the pandemic as a completely unexpected problem nobody could have prepared for. He’s done this many, many times. He attacks Fauci, the WHO,and kneecapped the cdc. He fired the people who could have made a national response moths before.
    8. Comparing COVID-19 to the flu.
    “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu,” Trump tweeted on Monday. “It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!”
    Trump has repeatedly sought to diminish the severity of COVID-19 and deflect blame for his administration’s failures by comparing it to something we’re all familiar with.
    What he said is false. According to Fauci, COVID-19 “is 10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu.”
    Worse, Trump has begun using this false equivalence to advocate for sending Americans back to work long before experts believe that’s wise.
    9. If there were a vaccine, he would allow his corporate buddies to withhold it
    10. Repeated selective amnesia about having fired the experts whose job was to foresee exactly this situation.
    Trump dismantled the National Security Council’s pandemic response unit in 2018, antivirals like remdesovir available

    11. "The cure can’t be worse than the problem.” The problem is making everything worse and Trump has impeded steps to slow or cure the pandemic
    12.Trump said: “I don’t take any responsibility at all.”

  11. About 60,000 killed in Nursing Homes, 83% of those in Bad Actor States, I have collected the directive letters that caused those murders.
    If you subtract the Nursing home murders from the total death (around 132,000 today, and even that is obviously inflated) you would have around 72,000 Total all source flu and pneumonia. Not even a "bad flu" year, just on the high side

  12. Its funny, stock is a lightning rod for attacks. over the target! When chief of police criticized BLM and then mass murder in his city occurred. False attack here says I blamed the mass murder on BLM, that is really lame and insulting. I blamed the mass murder on "The Cabal". When one resorts to such false arguments, It means you are not in a position of being correct.

    Plus who would even remember this? Sheesh, I forgot that I wrote it,, so much has happened since then.

    And to throw down, there is no systemic racism. Please respond without false arguments.

  13. Blah blah blah, bafflegab, lies, fascist propaganda, doublethink gutter lies. Blah blah blah. Manipulative Psycho. The shooter in el paso is a white racist. You and your boogaloo boys take too many steroids

    1. Low information, low value, is no way to go through life boy

    2. It's best to let a rabid dog be, and go around it.

    3. As he uses the racial slur "Boy," and insists there is no systemic racism in America.
      An avowed white racist massacred the black people in the church in carolina A white racist drove 680 miles to massacre the people in Walmart, in El Paso.
      No BLM or Cabal.


    4. ABC interview of Navy Vet Beaten Down in Portland by Trump Shock Troops. Says if it had been a black man it would not have gottenthe attention it got. Talks about systemic racism in America


    Seth Abramson


    MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: DHS Confirms Barr Will Be Deploying His Black Ops Interagency Army Nationwide

    Quote Tweet

    Josh Marshall


    · 22h

    Deputy Secretary of DHS Ken Cuccinelli tells NPR not only are they not stopping the Portland tactics they're going to take them nationwide.… via @TPM

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    1. Jack'sHouseOfPancakes




      Attacking clearly marked medical personnel is a war crime.

      Quote Tweet

      Nick Knudsen 


      · 20h

      Portland: Gestapo attacking two medics. No incitement.

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    Man kneeling and people helping him to do so



    The extremists with guns in these Covid19-Economic--Antiracist protests are the ilk of violent rabid, boogaloo bois, neonazis and white supremacists. All of them, suffering from TDS. Covid19 is nothing like sars and yet some manipulators characterize it, as such. The T has mismanaged the handling of covid. He has made it much worse. He has complicated the pandemic by ruining the economy. He has ruined, basic public health. He has divided the country, where people need to stand to help each other.
    Those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, attack people who wear masks.

    People who speak in the third person of themselves in these situations and in this case, like der fuhrer, can be characterized as narcissistic, self-obsessed and detatched from reality.
    They are Shallow. Superficial. Manipulative. Self-obsessed. Power and ego obsessed. Use pathological lies to twist, to manipulate facts.
    Devoid of compassion. Devoid of empathy.

    They create webs of deciept.
    Most smart people dont engage their dangerous games.
    They are
    uncaring decieptful to the point of menace.

    They have a Dishonest charm, about them in their interactions and rhetoric. They will pretend to acquiesce, while they secretly despise you.
    Their Grandiosity is palpable
    Inauthentic, lack of integrigrity with seemingly rational responses that are peppered with the most
    Unemotional statements that connotate some of the most cruel intentions possible.
    Irresponsibility to the life around them.
    Traits of psychopaths.
    If you are unlucky enough to run into one of them, it is best not to engage them. Rather is is best to turn and walk the other way.

  18. Yes, Trump is the total cause of evil in the USA. If only Xi could command this nation all would be happy and successful. No need then for police or military. Might not even need doctors and nurses.

    One thing about the Internet is that whatever you thin there are probably thousands if not millions who think just like you. What is scarce is trustworthy facts. Today T-cells are being celebrated but tomorrow?

    Obviously this blog is almost exclusively progressive whatever that means. I am surprised that a sociologist would attract such a crowd . . . I am also surprised that so many persons act as though only one person can create havoc . . . Guess who? What sort of thing would Biden who suffers from senile dementia create in
    America. Biden would be the first president of the USA that would struggle to say the Oath of Office. I suppose they could have it pre-recorded by a sound alike. Biden would literally be a puppet.



  20. The incessant apocalyptic pessimism that Fox News and right wing echo chamber's massively spew, aimed at assaulting government and regulations.

    They do it by selling a picture of the world that is at its end. They apocalypse is almost here. And for some reason all of us lemming should be marching to nuclear or climate suicide.

    The ying-yangs boogaloo, psychos, try to sell newspeak nazi antisemitism, claiming the t is antisemite. They have many straw dogs and straw dog apocolypse distractions. Trump is really a racist nazi, they proclaim , and not really a buddy of adelson or netanyahu. Their support of the warmonger, nuke criminal. Their two faced doublepeak proclaims he is a peacemaker as he bombs yemen into oblivion and, pushes ever so closer to nuclear suicide. His pathological lies and brutality, have no limit. The covid mess he created rages on.


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