Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Post-Viral Syndrome - Covid-19 Sequela

Direct Excerpt:
Louise Hall (2020, July 28). Women who survived coronavirus angry after persistent symptoms dismissed as ‘anxiety’ by doctors. The Independent

Dr Anthony Fauci, recognised the possibility that the disease could cause “a post-viral syndrome” in a news conference. 

“If you look anecdotally, there is no question that there are a considerable number of individuals who have a post-viral syndrome that in many respects incapacitates them for weeks and weeks following so-called recovery,” Dr Fauci said.
“So this is something we really need to seriously look at because it very well might be a post-viral syndrome associated with Covid-19,” he added.

And more support for this post-viral syndrome:
Perrin, R., Riste, L., Hann, M., Walther, A., Mukherjee, A., & Heald, A. (2020). Into the looking glass: Post-viral syndrome post COVID-19. Medical Hypotheses, 144, 110055.


  1. This can very well be 99% BS, as they try to make the virus as scary as possible.



  4. Did russians and ukrainians self medicate with vodka post Chernobyl, for pain and other forms of self-medication? Pain from maladies and effects caused by the dissemination of the most toxic nuclides known, spread in those regions, from Chernobyl.

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  6. The trillion dollars spent to bail out large corporations taken by trumps crooked cronies and donners for fraudulent sba loans. For bogus employee pay supplementation for bogus ttreatments like plaquenil. NO SUBSTANTIVE STUDIES ON COVID SEQUELA. NO IMPROVED TESTING PROGRAMS . NO REMDESIVIR.

    Hydroxychloroquine is not a cure for covid nor will it work prophylactically to prevent it . It can and does cause severe health damage

  7. Trump has a major investment in the swiss company that makes plaquenel aka hydroxychloroquine
    As for Sequalae, The Chinese should have studies being 6 mos out. Fatigue seems to go on in many NBC at least a couple of months. Today I read about possible long term cardiac consequences, CHF & some cardiac muscle damage due to the hypercoag states.

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  9. Over half the covid patients admitted to hospitals developed lingering neurological symptoms

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