Monday, November 11, 2019

Maybe more than cost-cutting at Fukushima Daiichi

An article published in the Yomiuri Shimbun and covered in the link below by Dailymotion reports that cracks were discovered in the Daiichi's infrastructure aimed at keeping buildings intact:
Inspectors find 41 cracks in the grounds of Fukushima nuclear plant: local mediaVideo player from: Dailymotion Nov 10, 2019

Dozens of cracks have been found in facilities built to contain radiation at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant. Tokyo-based Yomiuri Shimbun reported Sunday that 41 cracks were found in the plant's concrete floor. It says Tokyo Electric Power Company appears to have neglected the facilities,... with inspectors having discovered weeds growing through the concrete.
The original article is not available in English and I could not find more details at this point but news of cracks in the floor of the new constructing, following previous reports of under-staffing and short-cuts at Daiichi, raise important questions about what is going on there.

Most everything you see on the right side of this screenshot was built after the hydrogen explosions that wracked units 1-4 (with some believing unit 3 was a prompt criticality and therefore a nuclear explosion).

Units 3 and 4 to the right were held together by the post-disaster construction that you see in the screenshot.

If the buildings collapse, which remains a severe risk because of the water saturated soil at the site, the remaining fuel in the spent fuel pools could ignite and the fires from spent fuel are far dirtier than conventional nuclear weapons.

Is TEPCO slowly retracting from the Daiichi site? If that happens, the Pacific Ocean and us all are at great risk.



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    The Nuclear Reactor and nuclear waste in Greenland that is exposed by climate change.
    They will abandon fukushima like they abandoned the downwind victims. As fuko lies and abandons Hanford, Santa Susana, and all reactor oversight in murica. We live in a surreal fantasy world.
    Japan exports the worst radioactive tainted food in History.

    Obama's Munoz was a nuclear whore. He did not deregulate nuclear reactor supervision. It does matter in spite of what the counterintelligence spooks say. No matter how many rabbit hole lies  and false narratives, they generate.

    Parking 100s of thousands of dirty bombs outside in shabby containers

    abrogating nuclear treaties.

    forcing nuclear reactors on the verge of meltdown, to stay opened

    nuclear space race

    massive subsidization of uranium exploitation.

    driving up the nuclear proliferation and nuclear war threats

    corruptly exporing nuclear weapon technology and nuclear reactors to saudi arabia

    Many of the thin skinned, dirty bombs already at san onofre that were made by infamous Holtec. The 40, 000 tons of twenty ton dry casks, outside odessa, texas parked on concrete pad. Massive dirty bombs . Signed sealed and delivered by fuko and rick perry.
    Rick and fuko have pushed through a deal for holtec to place 100,000 more tons on them. and we thought WIPP was bad . It completely saturate what is left of shithole nuclear usa, with radionuclides. There will be be 2 or 3 reactor catastrophies soon as well.

    The poser counterintelligence operatives will rail on about rabbit holes, while these nuclear criminals rage on. It is all under their watch and encouragement.

    It has always been bad but, now it is many times worse.
    Americas junta and pronunuclear-bonafied hormesis ghouls, certifiy their nuclear insanity and degregulation under fuko the clown. They brag about it.
    If u think the junta coup in bolivia is bad, just come to radioactive sewerville, murica.
    Many places, as bad as fukushima in murica. Soon there will be more and worse

    1. They gang raped her repeatedly. They mutilated her body with 110 cigarette burns. They tortured her.
      Whay kind of coward could rationalize or compartmentalize this evil . evil done by the american cia to terrorize people? The same cowarda who rationalize nuclear bombs and nuclear war. The cowards that rationalize and compartmentalize openair testing, of hundreds of nuclear bombs on americans from nevada. Rationalize and compartmentalize-nuclear reactors. the floods of radionuclide waste created.
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  5. This is real. It is many times worse in Major military States. It is not simply phones. ATT and other providers go into Personal computers every 15 minutes on behalf of contractors for

    Find a tracert for your pc and u will see

  6. Climate Change is real. Astrophysicists have valid proof of it from planet's with atmospheres. Venus, Mars, Earth, Gas Giants.
    The composition of the atmosphere of earth is changing from human monkey-activity and radionuclide flooding. It effects the climate.  Does it
    like the geophysical changes did on venus.
    The gas giants have constant dynamic, change. 
    Gas giant moons, with atmospheres, have climate change. Goes right past climate denial monkeys . The ones who say the earths climate, is only affected by the suns radiant energy or it's
    or its mag field etc etc, other mumbo jumbo. They have boundless troves of conspiracy theory-refutations.

    The combination of climate change and nuclear-flooding, of the earth with radionuclides, is bringing down systems faster than most can comprehend.
    The counterintelligence trolls, the paid hacks will present specious nonsense, climate-denial fabulations, when confronted.


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